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So should I expect a refund coming? Tonight I had two sales with same specs, terms and fee but they are of two different images that are super similar RM, just a slight difference in a woman's posture who is fairly small in the frame. Why would a client use two nearly identical shots?


A "spot-the-difference" competition? ;)


More seriously, here's hoping they have a good reason and they buy them both for you.



Ha! That is a good explanation Dusty!

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In my experience, refunds are usually re-sold immediately at a slightly lower price.   I put this down to a price negotiation with buyer asking for a discount after a number of sales had been agreed.


I had an unusal one recently, a sale on 26 June for $44-64:


Country: United States
Usage: Editorial
Media: Textbook - print and e-book
Print run: up to 10,000
Placement: Inside
Image Size: 1/2 page
Start: 01 May 2013
End: 01 May 2014


The sale was refunded and re-sold on 15 July for $37-94


The odd thing was that the details were the same except that the country was now Brazil instead of United States


I wonder how that might have come about?

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Having had five decent $75 sales at the end of July they have all be refunded and replaced with $30 sales today. Anyone else had the same?

Yes, me too. So it's a big client, but I wonder if Alamy ever evaluate pictures. Buyers I know say they find stuff on Alamy that can't be found anywhere else. A traditional agency would realize when they have a unique or difficult to find picture and price it accordingly. I wonder if Alamy ever do that?



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"If that's 20% off the calculator price, I've no complaints. Given the amount of negotiation that goes on, 20% off what......?"


Excellent question. Only 20% off the calculator price would be a real bonus for contributors. That's probably not the case. However, this voucher might help explain some of the lower than usual sales being reported this summer.

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Anil wrote:   And, when one get 5-10 sales a day at iStock even during such 'sales promotion', the overall ROI may not be that bad. ....talking of RF there (at iStock) and 5-15 years 'Rights Managed' here at Alamy, the average going rate/use seem somewhat comparable at times.



Interesting. Exactly what % do you receive from Istock?

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