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  1. 1.3 seconds could be a factor depending how you took the picture. Did you use a cable release or your finger or self timer? what kind of shutter is it? I haven't looked up the camera so don't know if a mirror slap is involved or if it's an electronic shutter. Just a few factors to check over and/or eliminate.
  2. You've had a few helpful replies from knowledgeable people - what do you think?
  3. Delphine, I would recommend you reduce your files to the smallest size Alamy accepts - this will help your images pass QC
  4. I've just started keywording using LR and hierarchical keywords - I haven't tried Bridge. In what way is Bridge better than LR? LR sends your keywords to Alamy alphabetically whereas Bridge sends them in the same order you typed them in. So words you want to be next to each other will stay next to each other when you use Bridge. Jill Thanks for the reply. Paul
  5. I've just started keywording using LR and hierarchical keywords - I haven't tried Bridge. In what way is Bridge better than LR?
  6. Could you recommend any US stock agencies? Good question - but as this is the Alamy forum it wouldn't be appropriate to be recommending Other agents.
  7. Less than 20% of mine and only one since the referendum. Worryingly, slightly more from the EU. In a few years they will probably both be behind a tariff barrier. I wouldn't worry too much about tariffs at this stage. In any case the big countries for stock sales has always been UK, USA & Japan - with Germany competing quite well at times. We can always agree with them; no tariff on cars and stock imagery.
  8. Unfortunately that only applies if you get most of your income from Alamy. Have you seen what has happened to equipment prices even with the £ recovering somewhat against the yen . Alamy have always recommended supplying various agencies. At present the big sellers in the world are ALL in the States; so a weak £ is brilliant for UK stock photographers right now. Presumably you earn more than you spend - so doesn't matter if equipment prices go up - it'll always be less than the amount of $ earned. Also equipment prices going up only matters if you buy more Canon/Nikon cameras than you e
  9. Yep, just dropped a touch. Last year Alamy said that 60% of its business was in the States. So all things being equal, that means British photographers have a net gain from the drop in the £ By the way, I was joking about Adobe subsequently dropping prices - of course they won't. Also they charge more in U.K. for their products because they have extra work in translating their products and help facilities to British English. I know that because they translate color to errrrr color. :-)
  10. Don't worry; the pound is slowly strengthening and so I'm sure Adobe will be monitoring the situation and will put the prices back down when appropriate.
  11. Thanks M, I've followed your link to your previous explanation and am about to give it a go. Do you know if Exiftools can enter more than one set of information - such as keywords and description Source/Description/keywords Perhaps author and location as well for good measure!
  12. Thanks M, I do actually already use an Excel sheet to submit data to Alamy - pretty useful with all the different fields required. It's embedding IPTC data into images from a CSV file that I'm researching. You're right EXITTool can do this. Not sure if I'm savvy enough with scripting to get it to work. I've had a look at their forum and found people are struggling with it for embedding data. Cheers Paul
  13. I know one can write keywords directly into Lightroom etc but I need to do it en-mass, ideally from an Excel file saved as CSV file. Is anybody using a CSV solution? Cheers, Paul
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