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  1. DACS said that my claim was reduced because Alamy had also claimed for me. The reduction was £1600 and the Alamy claim worth about £400. Mystery to me is that Alamy also claims for my late wife's pseudonym and DACS didn't make any similar reduction on hers. Fortunately overall I also have ALCS and PLS, as a writer and publisher, and the totals have been OK over the last 2-3 years due to playing catch up with unclaimed dues.
  2. I think there's a legal issue with locking contributors into using Alamy to claim for DACS and then refusing to end this when it results like this. It's important for me to claim DACS directly for non-Alamy sales. I do not see how they can possibly have a right, or a claim, to any of that. I have a clear 25 years of ISSN/ISBN non-Alamy history before joining Alamy, and this still counts for DACS. I have a good 15 years of regular non-Alamy uses after joining Alamy and again, these have nothing to do with Alamy. I'm very happy for them to claim for all the book and magazine sales they've ever m
  3. I was frustrated to see my direct DACS had fallen from nearly £2k to only £354 - inexplicable when Richard K's figure had moved from around £200 to over £700, and my late wife Shirley's legacy DACS (it does continue for ever) had fallen from over £300 to £270. But today Alamy dropped $543 Other payment with no deduction into my sales - which I believe will be DACS. That's up from $179 last year. It's not a compensation for a loss of rather vital residual income in retirement, but indicates something significant has changed in the way the Copyright Licensing Agency handles direct claim
  4. Thanks Ian - I guess that could explain my reduction as a lot of my history is now very old, but it does not in any way explain Shirley's figure because she also had a lot of work published in the past. I do note that URLs are now included in uses which can be reported and this could be significant next year, depending on how many you are allowed to report. If you have list the URLs of specific images I could be spending weeks copying them... - David
  5. If it's impossible to withdraw from allowing Alamy to claim, and it has the effect DACS suggest, I'm very unhappy. But they have not been able to explain why my claim has been reduced by 82% in fact, and my late wife's claim by only 11%, when my activity in general has been higher and the submission process for DACS was followed in the same way for both. Nor do they seem particularly interested in trying to explain. I appreciate that once done, it's done, and I can not reverse it but I need to know what to avoid in future. Alamy has claimed in past years ($179 last year for us) without damagin
  6. Very odd news from me. I claim for myself and my late wife Shirley. Both claims were repeats of past years, and included new titles/sales added. My total uses are over 18,000 (there was a period when I illustrated step by step books using 400 images at a time and some of these were republished as new ISBNs repurposing the same photographs). In 2019 I received £2294.75 inc VAT (2017, £2404 including Shirley's - 2018, £1903) but for 2020 this fell to £425 which has come at the worst time. Shirley's claims were worth £274 (2018) then £364 (2019) and now £325 which seems balanced. DACS don't seem
  7. Any else had their last year's DACS claim (direct) massively reduced? I can't get a straight answer from them, as my late wife's DACS has not been affected (more or less the same this year as last) but mine has been cut by about 75%, very unwelcome when other income is greatly reduced. One of the answers as to why has been 'because Alamy has claimed for me' too - but Alamy only claims a tenner or so, not many hundreds, and I've lost about £1600 compared to previous recent years. I can't find out where, on Alamy, to withdraw my authority for them to claim on my behalf, as if it is having this e
  8. Very unusual for me to see a) no change in bank figure due at month end b) no new sales - since beginning of March. Anyone else experiencing this? I have zero transactions - no sales invoiced, no invoices paid, no payments cleared. Wondering if there's a system update or a hiatus in data entry caused by the new PA ownership? David
  9. Biggest market square in Scotland apparently, though I'm sure I have seen larger - maybe not authorised as market squares in the past!
  10. My total due at the end of the month has mysteriously fallen - cleared funds presumably stopped being cleared?
  11. I did not know what I was talking about! I just caught a slew of refunds replaced by higher fees. Very welcome, but may refer to a spread of past sales. Hard to know how this happens but I've had a good number of sales refunded and replaced by significantly higher fees, not the usual currency adjustment thing. I'll try to be around here more, this has not been a good year for me as one year ago Shirley was admitted to hospital and nearly died. She was found to have two brain tumours and treated for Stage IV Melanoma very rapidly, but this only gave 8 months, and she died on July 11
  12. After a doldrum period 27th suddenly produced a burst. Very glad I once visited a tourist site so well covered it seemed superfluous - seven sales (all Japan) same shot, $360 gross total uses and this is a shot and client which already sells several times a year - just never so many uses at once.
  13. Robert - and everyone really - I know why I don't have higher sales and it's very easy - I spend 6 days a week indoors behind a desk and maybe get out to take pictures for two hours or so every week at the most, and even then usually just in passing. Perhaps one semi-photographic trip out every month and maybe two or three specific photo ventures - like actually visiting a spot I want to photograph - each year. All the rest is four to five weeks of travel, and it can take me six months before I finally process and keyword each trip because magazine deadlines occupy me full time, and involve pl
  14. Well, it's taken me 12 years, but yesterday we clicked past the 1000 mark in total sales (now standing at 1002). Currently seeing most licences at a respectable not trivial rate (no more $9 etc) and also some worthwhile 'repeats' even though the original licences seemed to be for ever without restrictions! David
  15. Actually, the original raw files do go up to 24MB perfectly - the lens was one of the best ever made, and remains hard to match, they didn't need to change it for the A1, A2, A200 either. I have a few Dimage 5 files, only from raw, which were even smaller and a couple of those have sold. Regrettably I only shot a dozen or two raw files in the entire time I had that camera as they took 30 seconds to save - the JPEGs I took look good but are of no use for Alamy or any other library. David
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