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Have you found any Alamy photos February 2017

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Found in the Mail 25-2-17. No Credit for Alamy or Photographer.






Weight loss picture. Photographer: Science Photo Library.



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Guardian online

C11N7X Doug Steley C green zebra organic tomatoes
A2PH8R  Blaine Harrington III Camping at Cascada Ecocamp Patagonia

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AAA - Automobile Club of Southern California

March/April 2017


Page 9


Image ID: CT118H 


BSIP SA/Alamy Stock Photo

Contributor: CHASSENET / BSIP 


Page 28


Image ID: DXFTK0 

Niland, California, USA. 20th Mar, 2014. Salvation Mountain, a Christian-themed art installation piece by L. Knight, is pictured near Niland, Calif. The site is recognized by the American Folk Art Society, although its future is uncertain since Knight died earlier this year.
© Will Seberger/ZUMAPRESS.com/Alamy Live News

Zuma Press, Inc. /Alamy Stock Photo


Page 32


Native honeycreeper, Amakihi

Image ID: AT876R  

Contributor: David Boynton

Photo Resource Hawaii /Alamy Stock Photo


Page 36


Trakai Island Castle


Jurate Buiviene /Alamy Stock Photo


Page 44


Mission La Purisima Conception in California State Park in Lompoc

Image ID: D1TGT9

Backyard Productions /Alamy Stock Photo


Page 49


Lawai International Center, Kauai, Hawaii, USA - Tourists walk the pilgrimage path

Image ID: DWE6XR

Contributor: ICP-Tech

Incamerastock /Alamy Stock Photo

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26/02/2017, UK, Observer, p14, cinema workers protesting in Leicester Square, HPTGP7, Dinendra Haria [via Live News]
26/02/2017, UK, Observer, p26, Camille Claudel, F63742, GL Archive [Alamy credit only]
26/02/2017, UK, Observer, p38, Colston Hall in Bristol, D40FBT, Craig Joiner Photography [Alamy credit only]
26/02/2017, UK, Observer, p49, Lower Marsh in Waterloo, FX1FA8, Benjamin John [Alamy credit only]
26/02/2017, UK, Observer [Magazine], p19 [advert], Cottesloe Beach in Perth, CWNCY5, Phil Hill [Alamy credit only]
26/02/2017, UK, Observer [Magazine], p47, green tomatoes, C11N7X, Doug Steley C [Alamy credit only]
26/02/2017, UK, Observer [Magazine], p47, green grape tomatoes, C5NNXK, Food Centrale Hamburg GmbH [Edited. Alamy credit only]
26/02/2017, UK, Observer [Magazine], p51, eco tents in Patagonia, A2PH8R, Blaine Harrington III [Alamy credit only]
26/02/2017, UK, Observer [Magazine], p52, condor in Patagonia, E1WEFE, All Canada Photos [Cutout. Alamy credit only]
26/02/2017, UK, Observer [Review section], p3, pasta with steamed clams, F7BH7P,  Giulio Di Gregorio [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
26/02/2017, UK, Observer [Review section], p3, Le Monde, AXP486, E.J. Baumeister Jr. [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
26/02/2017, UK, Observer [Review section], p36, syringes, BWJJWA, David Crockett Photography [Alamy credit only]

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25 Perfect Spots for Watching the Total Solar Eclipse Crossing the U.S.




Be the only Montanan to witness totality – Italian Peak, Montana

John Lambing/Alamy



Get a close-up of the eclipse – Atchison, Kansas




Rehearse for another eclipse In 2024 – Cedar Lake, Illinois




Be the last to see the shadow – Cape Romain, South Carolina

Tony Arruza/Alamy
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Thanks for posting this Clare.

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27/02/2017, UK, Guardian G2, p3, Buy Nothing Day protest, GRT9JW, REUTERS [Alamy credit only]

27/02/2017, UK, Guardian G2, p12, B12 vitamin, B7TBE1, Kumar Sriskandan [Alamy credit only]


Thanks Steve!



Kumar (the Doc one)

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Lithographie d’Honoré Daumier, 1846.


Le Temps  |  27 Feb 2017  |  Switzerland  |  French  | Page: 5
FORSYTH PARK This 30-acre historic park’s centerpiece—a beloved cast-iron fountain erected in 1858—is not unique. It was ordered from a catalog! RIVER STREET Bustling with welcoming hospitality, this glittering gem lined with centuries-old buildings,..
Photos: Photocuisine Rm/alamy Stock Photo; Sean Pavone/alamy Stock Photo; Stephen Allen/alamy Stock Photo;  David Davis Photoproductions/alamy Stock Photo; Ninette Maumus/alamy Stock Photo;
Woman's World  |  27 Feb 2017  |  USA  |  English  | Page: 49
Photos: Urbanmyth/alamy Stock Photo
Woman's World  |  27 Feb 2017  |  USA  |  English   | Page: 22
Photos: Moviestore collection Ltd/ Alamy Stock 
Woman's World  |  27 Feb 2017  |  USA  |  English   | Page: 5
Page 15   Banish the blues with fish oil!
Depression ranks as the top health problem right now, but it doesn’t have to drag you down! Taking a daily 1,000-mg. dose of fish oil is as powerful as some prescription antidepressants at reducing major depression, confirms a new review of 13 studies....
Photo: Phanie/alamy Stock Photo
Woman's World  |  27 Feb 2017  |  USA  |  English  | Page: 15
Melissa Broder kunde bearbeta sin depression genom att skriva av sig på Twitter.
Svenska Dagbladet  |  27 Feb 2017  |  Sweden  |  Swedish   | Page: 19
TOUGH CUSTOMER: A sweep of Bergenia cordifolia and, left, a variety called Dragonfly Sakura
The Scottish Mail on Sunday  |  26 Feb 2017  |  UK  |  English   | Page: 81
Cinema workers go on strike in Leicester Square for the London living wage, the day before the Academy Awards in Hollywood.
Photograph by Dinendra Haria/Alamy
The Observer  |  26 Feb 2017  |  UK  |  English  | Page: 14
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Telegraph  Online  27/02/17


BH3Y56    Yadid Levy   Filet Mignon dish at the upmarket restaurant of Lagarde winery, Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina
AKYD0T    Hemis   Spain, Catalonia, Barcelona, Placa Reial
EW6BXM    Sean Pavone   Nyhavn Canal in Copenhagen, Demark

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24 FEB 2017


Want to nerd out? Come to one of these positively geeky cities.



Harry Lands / Alamy

No. 15 Kansas City, Missouri
Lisa Werner / Alamy :D
No. 5 Sacramento, California
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Sunday Times Home 26th


P6 E5WGA4  David Askham Fly-tipping in the countryside

P6 DRAP6D   NorthScape Rural landscape with cattle grazing and wooded hills beyond near Holloway Amber Valley Derbyshire Peak District England UK




P4-5 FC0A98 Zoonar/Kokhanchikov old fishing boats on beach in india

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Times 28th


P43 CCD1XX Tom Gilks Primark shopfront and reflection in flood water after water mains burst along Oxford Street, London, UK


P49 AXFHRE Jeremy Hoare Jones Bootmaker shop at sale time in High Holborn London


CFRM77 Kzenon Religion, death and dolor - coffin bearer carrying casket at funeral to cemetery

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Telegraph  Online  28/02/17


BH4FWY   Design Pics Inc/ Yves Marcoux    Fall colours and Alaska Range, Denali National Park, Alaska
FX5WPN    Galyna Tymonko   orange with white towel on a sun lounger background of pool

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