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1000th image sold!

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You have set a very high standard, that we should all aspire to.

Analyze his 7857 image portfolio and learn. High resolution, no duplication, well processed, not a weak image in the bunch, from locations around the world, by a photographer who MAKES a picture rather than TAKES a picture.
This is the competition.




Oh wow! Thanks for your beautiful words. I must say I feel a little bit embarrassed for what you said but also happy!  ;)

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Thanks to all of you guys!!! Honestly I didn't expect so many compliments and so many posts but it's true that this forum looks like a big photographer's family at the end! 

Talking about the photos I try to make a good job with keywords. I think both quality and quantity are important for seeing a successful trend in selling images. Despite you will never become that rich by selling images (at least most of us I think!), you'll get lots of small satisfaction by seeing more and more photos of yours be sold!

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It is saturated, but it’s the photography. How many times have we seen shots of the Suleymaniye Mosque at dusk? Alamy search 2,847 images of Mosque.
The Mosque is a iconic travel shot of Istanbul, but look at the boring colour on the Mosque itself in this shot. The Mosque alone would be both a religious and a travel shot. One weakens the other. This is a travel shot, not a religious shot. Problems are how to emphasize the travel fun aspect, keep the location strong, and introduce some interesting colour? 
Stefano solves the problems by selecting a viewpoint with colourful tourist boat restaurants in the foreground, reflections on the water, and the Mosque above. The boats and the Mosque are locations where tourists want to visit. The Mosque also establishes the location.
Search Alamy for “Istanbul” and you will see Stefano’s shot is unique. I searched 500 Istanbul images before I found a rival. By selecting his viewpoint, selecting a colourful time of day when one would eat supper in the boat restaurants, and adjusting the saturation while keeping it believable, he MADE a picture rather than TOOK a picture.
Every element works together, and reinforces the other. The image screams “travel fun in Istanbul”. Great shot for the cover of a travel brochure.
I would say that Stefano is as great a travel location photographer, as Jeff is as great a travel people photographer.
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