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  1. HAHAHA ... looks like you've been here ... I will try to make it as a professional as it should be ...
  2. Now I see ... 2 Niches : food and everyday life ... Thanx every1 ...
  3. OK, now I think I have a niche but how to know that people search for gaza food ... ???
  4. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Well, I've been into photography for 6 years now ... My first digital camera ever was Fuji Film Super Zoom Bridge S200EXR ... with that one I learned all about photography ... I used and took photos of almost every where I had been to ...Then, I borrowed my friend's camera; Canon 650D+kit lens ... I was like WOW for the performance and image quality ... Now I shot with 70D used + 18-135 STM + 50mm 1.8 STM ... The decision to buy the body only made to cover several points; 20mp, 7 fps, focus points ... the cost of a well used body allows me to start with such a strong machine ... The Next UPGRADE will be when I am on a good Budget to buy my 1st. FF+20-200 2.8L IS or at least 24-105L f4 IS ... P.S. following every day new features is very time and money consuming ... SO upgrade when the next features only benefits your success ...
  6. Thanx ... But, what about promoting ... should i open an account in wordpress,tumblr,instagram and facebook or any other social media service to drive good exposure ... it is very time consuming ...
  7. Hello Everyone, I am uploading my photos ... I only have 9 now ... But, I am afraid that my photos are not that type of most wanted for agencies of which Alamy is dealing with ... So, can u please check my photos and give me more keywording ... Ideas to shoot ... I live in GAZA Strip ... And it is not easy to shot every where ... SO any ideas ??? !!!
  8. 'soft and lacking definition' ... I think this goes to factors like : Focus, Subject or Camera Motion (shake), massive retouching like Noise Removal if the image are @ High ISO ... Lightening Techniques ... Check the images at 100% from corner to corner ... Try to figure out if the main subject is in FOCUS or not ...
  9. Yeas, u should mention the reason for rejection ... Anyway, check your DSLR image size settings ... Choose RAW+Fine ( the maximum resolution and quality ) ... Beside if your DSLR is 6MP or more ... then it is FINE ... Besides. watch out from massive cropping ... Cropping a 16MP image massively could end as low as 4MP image resolution which for sure the image will be rejected ... I am A newbie too, And I wish I made my point clear ...
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