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  1. HAHAHA ... looks like you've been here ... I will try to make it as a professional as it should be ...
  2. Now I see ... 2 Niches : food and everyday life ... Thanx every1 ...
  3. OK, now I think I have a niche but how to know that people search for gaza food ... ???
  4. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Well, I've been into photography for 6 years now ... My first digital camera ever was Fuji Film Super Zoom Bridge S200EXR ... with that one I learned all about photography ... I used and took photos of almost every where I had been to ...Then, I borrowed my friend's camera; Canon 650D+kit lens ... I was like WOW for the performance and image quality ... Now I shot with 70D used + 18-135 STM + 50mm 1.8 STM ... The decision to buy the body only made to cover several points; 20mp, 7 fps, focus points ... the cost of a well used body allows me to start with such a strong machine ... The Next UPGRA
  6. Thanx ... But, what about promoting ... should i open an account in wordpress,tumblr,instagram and facebook or any other social media service to drive good exposure ... it is very time consuming ...
  7. Hello Everyone, I am uploading my photos ... I only have 9 now ... But, I am afraid that my photos are not that type of most wanted for agencies of which Alamy is dealing with ... So, can u please check my photos and give me more keywording ... Ideas to shoot ... I live in GAZA Strip ... And it is not easy to shot every where ... SO any ideas ??? !!!
  8. 'soft and lacking definition' ... I think this goes to factors like : Focus, Subject or Camera Motion (shake), massive retouching like Noise Removal if the image are @ High ISO ... Lightening Techniques ... Check the images at 100% from corner to corner ... Try to figure out if the main subject is in FOCUS or not ...
  9. Yeas, u should mention the reason for rejection ... Anyway, check your DSLR image size settings ... Choose RAW+Fine ( the maximum resolution and quality ) ... Beside if your DSLR is 6MP or more ... then it is FINE ... Besides. watch out from massive cropping ... Cropping a 16MP image massively could end as low as 4MP image resolution which for sure the image will be rejected ... I am A newbie too, And I wish I made my point clear ...
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