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Quick heads up about a nice 4 page article about my work at Alamy in the current edition of Amateur Photographer magazine


And a quick plug for my next one-day stock photography workshop which will be held in Cirencester on March 18 2017...

Limited places, so book soon to avoid missing out







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Congrats on the article.


I trust you haven't infringed copyright by posting here?

It's his own material. AP's only rights would be in the layout and I'm sure they'd agree with his use of it.

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can we all advertise on alamy?

Where have you been? Keith has been helping posters here for years. The seminars encourage the production of more material for- guess which picture library?

I'm sure if you were to put on a similar event you could mention it here. In any case there's nothing to stop you putting links on your sig, something which Keith doesn't do btw.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Highley recommended course for anyone getting to grips with the stock image industry. I was on the course a couple of years back and found it really helpful.

Get on it folks!

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