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Daily Mail Australia 14/6

Not so bird-brained after all

BYGXCX - Eric Gevaert - close up of a beautiful blue and yellow macaw


Four people are killed in bear attacks in Japan

EDCCD2 - JTB Media Creation Inc. - Onuma, Kazuno, Tohoku, Japan


Facebook will delete your backed-up pictures unless you download its Moments app

C4EFYJ - Cyberstock - using Facebook app on an iPhone 4G smart phone



Drunken guide abandons 60 tourists on Alpine mountain


EWG4BJ - Geothea - the Rax mountains 




BBNM97 - Interfoto - tourists at Preinerwand summit cross



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Thanks for the tip, Genevieve ...and I was very interested to discover your range of high-quality Blurb books, since I have been labouring away at producing an illustrated personal memoir on Blurb. 

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Thanks for the tip, Genevieve ...and I was very interested to discover your range of high-quality Blurb books, since I have been labouring away at producing an illustrated personal memoir on Blurb. 


You're welcome Philip.


Blurb books are a lot of fun but also a lot of work. My last one, "Australia", took a lot of efforts but was very rewarding.

Shame I discovered the Nik Colour Efex Pro filter after I did the book. I'm beating myself up for that.


All the best with your book and with Alamy.

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14/06/2016, UK, Guardian, p37, closed Police Station in Hackney, DYP1DP, Matthew Chattle
14/06/2016, UK, Guardian, p39, female lecturer, E65A9M, Matej Kastelic [Alamy credit only]

That's me done for a few weeks.  Back in July.

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Photograph of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Photographer: Jon bower - art and museums


Discovered by Whitby Photography




The photo above appeared in the Guardian  on 14-6-16 in an article written by Tracy Edwards. Tracy writes about the hardships of being a museum or gallery work in the UK. Contributing factors include job cuts, poor working conditions and cut in funding to the arts.


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I'm back from no wifi in the Outback just in time to take over for Steve. Have a great break 'Shep'.




A community party in Ditchling, East Sussex – people forgot their referendum worries and celebrated the royal birthday all over Britain.

Photograph by Simon Dack/Alamy

The Observer  |  12 Jun 2016  |  UK  |  English  | Page: 4
Insel der Fischer. Auf Molène blieben die Männer seit jeher in heimischen Gewässern. Auf Ouessant dagegen wagten sie sich auf die Weltmeere.
Foto: André Quillien / Alamy Stock Photo
Der Tagesspiegel  |  12 Jun 2016  |  Germany  |  German   | Page: 40
Den britiske skuespiller Michael Sheen vendte tilbage til sin fødeby, Port Talbot, for at opføre ’The Passion’ (om Jesu Kristi korsfaestelse).
Ekstra Bladet  |  12 Jun 2016  |  Denmark  |  Danish   | Page: 78
A former police station in Hackney, east London, bought for £7.6m, has been rejected by the council as a site for a school
Photograph: Matthew Chattle/Alamy
The Guardian  |  14 Jun 2016  |  UK  |  English    | Page: 37
Cory Taylor (above left) wrote her memoir as a provocation into the taboo of death; Jenny Diski (above right) is more the rager against dying.
Life & Style  |  11 Jun 2016  |  Australia  |  English   | Page: 26
Koshary, the national dish of Egypt, served at a restaurant in Cairo.
The Washington Post Sunday  |  12 Jun 2016  |  USA  |  English   | Page: 78
A lifeboat and rescue helicopter off the Isle of Wight. Right: Mike Bindon
Photograph: Patrick Eden/ Alamy
The Guardian  |  11 Jun 2016  |  UK  |  English    | Page: 15
My Australian Outback YouTube videos, if anyone is interested:
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Google News

14 JUN 2016


How a William Hogarth painting predicted Brexit 250 years ago

The Guardian 
Photograph: Lordprice Collection/Alamy Stock Photo.
In its comic way, it's an accurate depiction of the relationship between Britain and continental Europe in the ...
Why Have Johnny Depp's Movies Been So Bad Lately?
Johnny Depp in Alice Through the Looking Glass.
Photo: Moviestore collection Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo. 
How to keep young children safe and happy on a flight
Our expert offers advice on how to make flights less painful for kids
Credit: Alamy/Zoonar GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo.
My OCD reared its ugly head when I tried to come off medication to ...
The Guardian
Photograph: PhotoAlto/Alamy. 
Millions of animal 'trophies' exported across borders, figures show
The Guardian
Trophy animals: the total number may be much higher as those that remain in the country where they are killed are not recorded .
Photograph: Ton Koene/Alamy.
Government presses on with plan for all-academy England
The Guardian
A former police station in Hackney, east London, bought for £7.6m, has been rejected by the council as a school site.
Photograph: Matthew Chattle/Alamy.
North Yorkshire police officer who wore 'I love weed' hat is sacked
The Guardian
PC Ryan amended a CV found in a house search to say 'abusing children', then showed it to colleagues, the panel heard.
Photograph: Gary Roebuck/Alamy.
Hedgehogs continue to disappear from British gardens, wildlife ...
The Guardian
The UK hedgehog population is thought to number less than 1 million, down from more than 30 million in the 1950s.
Photograph: Rebecca Cole/Alamy.
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Guardian online

BMKP34  Stephen Orsillo white plastic showerhead
FH80GN Harald Walker Banana smoothie bowl
BER782  Marcus McAdam A hiker on the summit of Bruach na Frithe
A2XGKT  imageBROKER / Peter Giovannini  Tents in camp, Western Cwm, Mount Everest

EA7GTJ David Hastilow Sea Pinks in Rocky Valley on the coast between Tintagel & Boscastle

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Daily Mail Australia - 15/06


Alarm over teenage boys who have been warped by web porn


D5DT6T - Anatolii Babii - Woman's hands are using a mobile smartphone




The lager Lorikeets


FBK2CR - Wildscotphotos - Eight Red-collared Lorikeets




D5NGTC - Art Directors & TRIP - red-collared lorikeets Australia



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WAtoday.com.au - 15/06


Extremely rare marsupial mole caught on camera in the Gibson Desert


A7HFYW - Auscape International Pty Ltd - Marsupial mole Notoryctes typhlps eating gecko



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Daily Mail Australia 13/06


Pregnant teens:


E5X6TX - Chris Rout - Pregnant woman smoking

ARKPTF - David J. Green - Woman smoking a roll up cigarette outside in garden


Watch out for Frodo:

BNPKW2 - AF archive - Elijah Wood The Lord of the Rings


Thanks for sharing, it's appreciated   ;)  

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Google News


Birds pack more cells into their brains than mammals

The Guardian
Magpies and other corvids have tool-making abilities that rival those of chmpanzees.
Photograph: Clement Philippe/Arterra Picture Library/Alamy. 
Could we set aside half the Earth for nature?
The Guardian
Photograph: Life on white / Alamy/Alamy.
In the book, Wilson argues eloquently for setting aside half of the planet for nature, including both terrestrial and marine ...
Loneliness kills – yet housing that could help is under threat
The Guardian
Housing associations play an important role in helping older people remain independent and socially engaged.
Photograph: Cultura Creative/Alamy.
Alien Contact Unlikely For Another 1500 Years: Study
... their own calculations, astronomers at Cornell University estimated humans will most likely be contacted by aliens 1,500 years from now.
Dale O'Dell/ Alamy.
Teenager dies in swimming accident in County Durham
The Guardian
Middleton-in-Teesdale, County Durham. The boy was found on Tuesday night but died later in hospital.
Photograph: Jim Nicholson/Alamy.
Summer blooms soften Cornwall's rocky coast
The Guardian
Sea pinks in the Rocky Valley resemble dollops of strawberry icecream.
Photograph: David Hastilow/Alamy. 
(Just monitoring Google News while Steve is on vacation.)
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You're welcome Phillipe.


Bing Wallpaper Worldwide

15 JUN 2016

Green tea plantation and Mount Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan
© Norikazu Satomi/Alamy)
「富士山と茶畑」静岡, 富士市 
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Daily Mail online 15th


Chinese online loan sharks demand nude photos from young femail debtors as guarantees

ADHBHN - Ben Welsh Premium

BP9CBN - Feng Yu


Mile high clubs, delivering babies, and helping passengers propose....

A6X62N - Eric Nathan

BMXFFR  - IS098T9JK / Image Source Plus

CTKTG3 - Kumar Sriskandan

BEM80G - David Gee

CFKG8C - Andres Rodriguez


Airbus A320 pilots abort takeoff...


AMN3DH - Charles Polidano / Touch The Skies

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Google News


LinkedIn and the Modern Worker's Wandering Eye

The New Yorker
Credit Photograph by Chris Batson / Alamy.
Microsoft announced plans to purchase LinkedIn for $26.2 billion on Monday—its biggest acquisition ever—so, with ...
'Bright spots' offer fresh hope for survival of coral reefs
The Guardian
... parts of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and the island republic of Kiribati.
Photograph: Oliver Forstner / Alamy Stock Ph/Alamy Stock Photo. 
Glastonbury's female-only area doesn't marginalise – women need ...
The Guardian (blog)
All smiles … But many women have suffered unwanted harrassment at festivals.
Photograph: Sasa Huzjak / Alamy/Alamy.
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The Times 16th

P3 ATE4GW Jason Gallier Avenue of Autumn Beech Trees, "lady's walk" Ashridge, Hertfordshire


P30 G3TE9F Lake Buena Vista, USA. 15th June, 2016. In the shadow of the Magic Kingdom, Florida F...Red Huber/Alamy Live News


(Bug with Live News can't access full text for this photo)

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