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Have you found any alamy images June 2016

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Guardian online

DW8MTC FLPA Small Blue (Cupido minimus) two adults resting on grass

B5EFRY WILDLIFE GmbH Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa), twig with seeds
DE5R2X age fotostock/Bartomeu Borrell Swallow (Hirundo rustica) In flight
F1MD4F Nick Upton Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) kit swimming on the River Otter
EPFY7E Nick Upton  Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) grooming
EBYN45 Adam Burton Otter Estuary at Budleigh Salterton,
FT0M8N James Osmond Ladram Bay. Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site

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O autor Misha Glenny, em feira literária

Pako Mera/Alamy Live News/Latinstock

Folha De S.Paulo  |  27 Jun 2016  |  Brazil  |  Portuguese    | Page: 31
A worker taking samples from a blast furnace at the Port Talbot plant. Below: Tony Price, a Community union representative at Tata Steel
Main photograph: Jeff Morgan/ Alamy
The Guardian  |  27 Jun 2016  |  UK  |  English    | Page: 9
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Daily Mail 27/06/2016


E7K1CP  Ian Dagnall   Pubs, restaurants and shops on Quay Street in Galway City Latin Quarter, County Galway, Republic of Ireland
A31427  Felix Stensson  Vineyards of the Rhine River Rüdesheim Germany

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27 JUN 2016

Girlfriend on BASE jumper's passion: 'He was free. He could fly'


Image ID: EDYCW7

Copyright: © David Buzzard / Alamy Stock Photo

SQUAMISH, B.C. — A Seattle man who died BASE jumping from the Stawamus Chief Mountain in British Columbia wouldn't want anyone ...




27 JUN 2016

Lad, 15, is savaged by a wild hyena while sleeping in a tent in 

The Sun

Image ID: BG5A46  

Copyright: © David Buzzard / Alamy Stock Photo

Erco Janse van Rensburg was attacked by a hyena in South Africa's Kruger National Park. According to MailOnline the savage assault by the animal ...


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USA, Food Network Magazine, July/August 2016 issue


Pg 14, Rolls Royce Silver Shadow (cut out), Mark Dunn



Most grateful. I was wondering where that had gone for decent money and no way could I have found it myself.

At least we can still export a bit of clarss.

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TOP10 NEW YORK CITY 2016 - DK Eyewitness TOP 10 Travel Guide, by Penguin

This books.google.com page & area lists many ALAMY contributors (in addition to Ann E Parry) - including ones for cover, map insert images - but I can't get the relevant pages to load anymore.  (I got a message saying I may have reached my limit for viewing the pages):

Top 10 New York City 2016 list of photographers used, mainly grouped by agency

book on dk website:

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Guardian online

BFJJPG Dave Zubraski Painted Lad  butterfly on Dahlia  H.S.Flame.
D2TD9H Ernie Janes Robin Erithacus rubecula singing
CB66J8 georgesanker.com Dawn in Grand Teton National Park

E2FM90 SOBERKA Richard / hemis.fr Paharganj district in Old Delhi.

Telegraph online

F3KEAR Fesus Robert Summer day in bay of Zakynthos, Greece
ADN9DB Dave Pattison View from the terrace at Pieve a Castello
DGB2DH age fotostock/F. J. Fdez. Bordonada Ysios Winery Laguardia La Rioja Spain

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Daily Mail 28/06/2016


F0C4RX     eye35.pix    St Peters Square and St Peters Basilica Vatican City Rome Italy EU Europe
B66BCT   Julie Quarry     Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona

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USA, Washingtonian magazine, July 2016 issue


(may need to do this in two batches due to photo limit in posts)


Pg. 32, A&W Fast food chain, CW82TF Helen Sessions




Pg. 32, Photo of Ben & Jerry credited to Presselect/Alamy but could not find


Pg. 71, nine tiny headshots of Hollywood celebs from various news or celeb outlets


Pg. 81, Hillary Clinton and Barbara Mikulski, FXC0W0 EPA




Pg. 81, Hillary Clinton (head cut out), EY17B3 Planetpix




Pg. 82, Anne-Marie Slaughter, E3X735 Zumapress




Pg. 102, Calvert Cliffs, Maryland, AA8Y2T Michael Ventura (a very old one of mine!)




Pg 103, Common Egret, Chesapeake Bay, A7F60J Worldfoto



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USA, Washingtonian magazine, July 2016 issue


Pg. 115, Chestertown, Maryland, ARDRNJ Pat Blackley




Pg 171, Old Port of Portland, Maine, AK1TEG Stillman Rogers




Pg. 171, Man with a lobster, Portland, Maine, BJ1AJ1 Steve Bly




Pg. 185, Bethany Beach, Delaware, AF8MB0 William S. Kuta



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UK tech firms unite to push against 'Texit'

The Guardian
... wake-up call,' says startup founder Gary Stewart. 'We believe that entrepreneurship has an important role to play.'
Photograph: Jeffrey Blackler / Alamy/Alamy.
Kneejerk restructures of children's services are a recipe for disaster
The Guardian
... what it sees as a deep-rooted structural malaise in children's services is a quick-fix school academy-style approach.'
Photograph: parkerphotography/Alamy.
Childcare: Coalition rejects modelling showing families better off ...
The Guardian
... benefit from his reforms. Education minister Simon Birmingham has questioned Labor's record on childcare fees.
Photograph: Dusan Marceta / Alamy/Alamy.
Tudor women: what was life like?
BBC History Magazine (blog)
INTERFOTO/Alamy Stock Photo
Other girls were formally apprenticed to a master, such as Helen ap Richard, who arrived in Bristol in October 1542 to be ...
Exercise helps children learn, say experts
The Guardian
... in the playground of a school. Time away from lessons in the playground does not impair academic performance, say experts.
Photograph: John Powell/Alamy.
The flight of the painted lady butterfly shows migration in all its beauty
The Guardian
A painted lady butterfly. The painted lady butterfly is instantly recognisable as part of the British summer.
Photograph: David Robertson/Alamy. 
69m children will die of preventable causes, says Unicef
The Guardian
... breaktime, primary school, Lagos, Nigeria. Nearly half of the deaths the report foresees will be in sub-Saharan Africa.
Photograph: Mike Goldwater/Alamy ...
How This Fish Survives in a Sea Cucumber's Bum
www.peacetreedesserts.com › FISH
A leopard sea cucumber excretes a viscera for defense.
Photograph by WaterFrame, Alamy. 
Hedge Funds from the Financial Times - FT.com
www.ft.com › topics › themes
Financial Times
Crispin Odey and Marshall Wace reap short selling gains. Office workers wearing casual shoes.
Image ID: B99WFG  
Copyright: © PhotoAlto / Alamy Stock Photo
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Telegraph online

EXN8HY Westend61 GmbH /Sandra Roesch Brother and sister sitting on a meadow with insect can and magnifying glass
FFM3FN Vallorie Francis Girl holding peacock caterpillar

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This image appeared in the Guardian on 26-6-16 and was taken by Jeffreu Blackler. It depicts the Old Street roundabout in London in the rush hour and was photographed from the Bezier apartments building. It was used by author Alex Hern to illustrate his piece about how Brexit is likely to affect Britain's technology sector.






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Daily Mail Australia - 29/06


The Project co-host Peter Helliar slams 'double standards'

BTG4FG - Evgeny Govorov - Woman writes in the notebook, which holdes on her knees (sic)




From dealing with a drunk urinating on other flyers to seeing Sarah Palin freaking out during a lightening storm: cabin crew reveal their weirdest experiences


AD48EJ - imageBROKER - Flight attendant serving in the cabin of an aeroplane




B49M16 - Edward M. Wylonis - Sarah Palin




A124FA - Steve Bloom - Aeroplane in storm




Stop applying for passports:

C2ABCY - Barry Mason - Irish passports



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Vorbild für Lateinamerika. Die Kathedrale von Jaén ist der bedeutendste Kirchenbau der Renaissance in Spanien, der 1667–1688 im Siglo de Oro eine zweitürmige Westfront in den reichen Formen des frühen Barock bekam.

Foto: © Ken Welsh / Alamy Stock Photo

Der Tagesspiegel  |  29 Jun 2016  |  Germany  |  German   | Page: 21
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How does Facebook suggest potential friends? Not location data ...
The Guardian
The 'people you may know' feature has been known to suggest users who have no or few mutual friends on the network.
Image ID: EWC38P  
Photograph: Piotr Malczyk/Alamy.
Huge helium gas find in east Africa averts medical shortage
The Guardian
helium. The helium find contains enough to inflate 54bn party balloons, or to fill 1,200,000 hospital MRI scanners.
Image ID: BRAW4F 
Photograph: Juice Images / Alamy/Alamy.
The Far Right's Plans for the GOP Convention
The New Yorker
Image ID: FK7T91  
On Sunday, while video of a few dozen skinheads and white nationalists brawling with “anti-Fascist” ...
This Brand Could Be Your Life: David Shapiro's “Supremacist”
The New Yorker

... the cult clothing brand Supreme, offers a fresh, strangely affecting critique of American consumerism.

Image ID: E5W2D7 
'I'm scared of living any longer – our money has almost gone'
Above, the Inner Harbor at Baltimore
Image ID: E7H36K 
Credit: Jon Bilous/Alamy.
Running out of money ...
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Guardian online

BPBDA8 Chris Laurens Sportsman public house and restaurant

CWY91E Tim Scrivener  South Devon Cows in a field in Devon
E3K38D Ruth Hofshi Pyrenees National Park
F01W8G  Universal Images Group North Ame./  De Agostini Picture Library  Landes forest, Landes de Gascogne, Aquitaine, France.
DTH679 Norbert Scanella Mercantour National Park
F03CKX Universal Images Group North Ame./De Agostini / C. Sappa Ecrins National Park
FC955X robertharding /Markus Lange Les Calanques d'en Vau,
BEK86E Arterra Picture Library /De Meester Johan Neolithic Alignements de Lagatjar,
BDG5FG Emmanuel LATTES Summering of cows of the Salers breed on Cantal pastures
D4E22X Jon Sparks Walker on old railway on the Robert Louis Stevenson Trail

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Daily Mail Australia - 29/06


What do you consider cheating



BJRDBA - Chris Rout - Woman checking pockets of partners jacket




DW5EMR - Anna Berkut - Feet of couple in the bed




DGM77J - Mint Images Limited - Business people.



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Daily Mail 29/06/2016


E1HBGG    Shakeyjon  (JOHNNY ARMSTEAD)  London, UK, Heathrow Terminal 2 opens
C7TKHB    Kumar Sriskandan   Perfume duty free store, Changi airport Singapore asia

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