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Earlier today a sale dropped in. I have a screenshot of it on my Summary of Items Sold page.

Now the sale isn't being shown in either my Balance of Payments or my Summary of Items sold, whereas it was on both earlier.

Note, there is no note that the file was refunded, it has just disappeared wthout trace.

I've had refunds before :( , but I've never 'caught' a disappearance. Is this common?


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Thanks, Michael.

I did a few refreshes before posting, without success.

I refreshed both pages again just now, and it's back on the Balance of Payments page, but not the Summary of Items Sold page.

I'll assume that it's OK, however.

Thanks again.

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I seem to remember this being discussed ages ago, possibly on the old forum.  I think the explanation was that the information is held on different servers which might not always be in sync., so you might not be connecting to the same one.  For instance if you do the 'build a downloadable sales report' trick (change 'to' to 2017 and select 'date of invoice') then the sale will almost certainly show up there even though it's not showing on your sales report.

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