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Hello from Germany


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Hi out there! 


These are my first steps of selling photos, while so far Photography was my personal passion and hobby.  

I signed up with Alamy on Thursday last week, uploaded 4 pictures, which already passed QC on Friday.

Annotated and Keyworded the pictures yesterday - 4 photos on sale today - and more awaiting QC now :)


Thanks a lot to the Alamy team for passing these through that quickly!  








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Thanks a lot for all the warm welcomes. I am amazed how many People from Germany are here & Gruß aus Frankfurt. 

The second batch of 50 images has passed Alamy QC and is annotated now. 


Third batch is waiting on my PC and images for the fourth batch are already selected but not checked 100% @ 100% yet. 

There is only so much one can do beside real job which is not photography related. 

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