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Have you found any Alamy Images - March 2015

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05/03/2015, UK, Guardian, p25, filming Downton Abbey, E9FAKA, WENN Ltd
05/03/2015, UK, Guardian G2, p2, bag of salad, DH67EJ, Nicholas Eveleigh [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
05/03/2015, UK, Guardian G2, p2, apples, BHBNBD, incamerastock [No credit - poss not via Alamy]

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04/03/2015, UK, London Evening Standard, p3, Thames beach at Blackfriars, B3Y1N8, David Reed [Part of montage. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
04/03/2015, UK, London Evening Standard, p3, Myddelton Square, C1F06J, Roberto Herrett [Part of montage. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
04/03/2015, UK, London Evening Standard [Property section], p4, St George's Square in Pimlico, BPM33R, Greg Balfour Evans [Alamy credit only]

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05/03/2015, UK, Metro, p27, panning for gold, C52TRE, Colin Hawkins [Alamy credit only]
05/03/2015, UK, Metro, p34, Greggs, B6N5A0, Bernie Pearson [Alamy credit only]
05/03/2015, UK, Metro, p44, Singles sign, DXTFTH, Samantha Craddock [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]

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Författaren Daniel Sjölin vill ha mer fantasi än smak i litteraturdebatten.
Foto: Jolanta Dabrowska/Alamy
Dagens Nyheter  |  5 Mar 2015  |  Sweden  |  Swedish  | Page: 58
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Had that surreal moment when flicking through a magazine and suddenly came face to face with one of my images!


Anyway, here are the other Alamy images I came across in the Spring 2015 issue of Country Walking:


P7/8 - Graham Uney - ANBWG4

P10 - Neil Dangerfield - BEWNCX

P11 - Patrick Eden - ACYCMR

P12 - Martyn WIlliams - EF7H3P

P16/17 - Robert harding Picture Library - AFJGFC (?)

P41 - John Morrison - E7XERN

P43 - Alan Novelli - AKGGHI

P44/45 - Snap2000 Images - A3RMCX

P47 - Graham Moore - DRIHRJ

P50 - Stewart Smith - CW4JG8

P50 - Roger Coulon - BBKF7P

P74/75 - Nature Picture Library - E4642K

P80 - Steve Taylor ARPS - C3FHRE 

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Mail Online




SuperStock person hiking on a mountain, Grandes Jorasses, Vallee Blanc, Mont Blanc Massif, Chamonix, France

Aurora Photos Search and Rescue, wide shot lowering from South Rim, Grand Canyon

National Geographic Image Collection man swimming under the waves at Teahupoo, Tahiti.

Philip Game Forest glade alongside the Kokoda Track memorial walk in the Dandenong Ranges,

jamierhoades1 / Stockimo Taken with iPhone 5S, edited on iPad. ~ Photo captured at New Smyrna Beach, FL.

RooM the Agency USA, California, Half dome of Yosemite national park

Cultura Creative (RF)  Waves crashing on rocky cliffs

Jan Fritz steps to historic monastery, Skellig Michael Island in Ireland

M. Timothy O'Keefe Big Island of Hawaii Volcano National Park Helicopter hovering over lava flow

Robert Fried Colorado River Grand Canyon National Park Arizona United States North America

LOOK Die Bildagentur der Fotografen GmbH Road of Death, Road down to The Yungas, lowlands of the Beni region, Bolivia

LOOK Die Bildagentur der Fotografen GmbH Taoist mountain, Hua Shan, Shaanxi province, Taoist mountain, China


and in the comments page....

'They are amazing photographs and I have the DM to thank for bringing them to us.'

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Times 6th

P3 EH1GD4 Birmingham, UK. 5th March, 2015. An American Cocker Spaniel wears protective bandages on its ears as it is being prepared for showing at Crufts 2015 which started today. © Jon Freeman/Alamy Live News


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06/03/2015, UK, Metro, p12, Manchester Arndale Centre, C95DDP, tony french [Alamy credit only]
06/03/2015, UK, Metro, p58, Bicester, C2MT89, Andrew Michael [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
06/03/2015, UK, Metro, p59, Bicester, DEF8CJ, Greg Balfour Evans [No credit - poss not via Alamy]

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DailyFinance.com  Best College Values for Under $20,000 A Year




Don Smetzer, Berea College

John Crowe, Pomona College

Rob Crandall, Washington and Lee University

Mira, Williams College




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Varför tittar de inte på vägen?

Foto: Photos 12/Alamy
Dagens Nyheter  |  6 Mar 2015  |  Sweden  |  Swedish   | Page: 90
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Guardian Online



Hunting hounds are led through Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. Photograph: Mim Friday/Alamy



food, especially in the microwave due to endocrine disruptors. Photograph: Fir Mamat/Alamy



Agencja Fotograficzna Caro Spain, cyclists on the Avenida de la Constitucion

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Mail Online 6th


A748ND   David Noton   beach at Mullins Bay West Coast Barbados

AEKJMX  Anthony Eva   Customers at a Pret a Manger restaurant at Stansted Airport, London, England

AB6CT9  janine wiedel  Burger King fast food restaurant at Heathrow airport

CE582C  Matthew Fry   Blurred blurry moving people passengers travelers in Terminal 1 Departures, London Gatwick Airport, Sussex, England

E19D18 Alex Segre  Trolley service on board a Ryanair flight, England, UK

ARF2WG David Wall   North Head Devonport Auckland North Island New Zealand Aerial

CRAMEW  travellinglight  Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, under a dramatic twilight sky

BWR81W  Raga Jose Fuste Canada North America America Vancouver City British Columbia False Creek Downtown North America skyline 

ARC2CY Gavin Hellier The Town Hall in Marienplatz, Munich, Bavaria, Germany, Europe

BWXGG1 Raga Jose Fuste Old Town background Zurich mountain Limmat river flow Switzerland Europe overview town city Zurich

B3BJJD  Stefan Huwiler / Rolfnp Garden of Belvedere Palace Vienna Austria

CTEJCT ArtMediaStock  Night walk on Graben street of Vienna

B5AA0G   Robert Harding  Baghdad Iraq Middle East G Thouvenin

CFE7A6 Andrew Spiers Hospital Accident and Emergency (A&E) Sign

BJ43EW Terry Mathews  Parking Warden

DR6DDG Stuart Dagnall  Young woman taking a photo on Samsung phone camera

B8KRY4 Jakub Michalak Overview on London City Airport with London's skyscrapers in background

DDFDAK  Finnbarr Webster  Long term airport parking, Heathrow, London, England, UK

CETGJF  Phil O'Connor/LOOP IMAGES  An underground train leaving the platform

C9ATHH   neil setchfield Stargazy Pie

DHKD51  Brian Arnopp   Bedfordshire clanger showing ingredients

BCNN58  David Kilpatrick  Scottish Borders - local sweets or candy, Ross's Berwick Cockles in a jar in a Hawick shop window

B110C7  Andy Hallam   Fruit bun

BT04X5   Elena Elisseeva   Female hands using hand sanitizer gel pump dispenser

DYHM9M Sergei Vinogradov Three color soap on white background

C94JGG dov makabaw Highclere Castle , Newbury , home Earl & Countess of Carnarvan , setting TV serial show drama Downton Abbey

B7YB15  STEVE LINDRIDGE   Royal Bank of Scotland global headquarters at Gogarburn outside Edinburgh

C8BPN3  Kenny Williamson B An Off-Peak Day Return Train Ticket from Johnstone to Glasgow Central Station in October 2011 Scotland UK

DKPP1E Bill Cheyrou Close up of champagne pyramid

ATPAYH Peter Barritt  Busy street scene with heavy traffic of rickshaws and trishaw tuk tuk in Old Delhi India Asia


B118HH   Angela Hampton Picture Library secondary school girls having sex education lecture with teacher who is holding up pamphlet

BD0K03  MBI   Stock Traders Working At Computers

BP38DY  Jon Malone   Aerial view of Houses of Parliament, London

C268PE  Andrew Michael   Southwark Crown Court, London, England

BCYKCD stockex  drug dealers

C8MPE1  Sergio Azenha  Hospital ward

C3XMHK Tremorvapix  Landscape view of part of Port Eliot house, St Germans, framed by mature trees

A28WPH  Charlie Gray  Port Eliot house, Port Eliot Literary Festival

BE63XM  John Morrison   Lakeside Hotel, Lake Windermere, Lake District National Park, Cumbria, England UK

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(Righty-o - I don't know what happens but every time I select "quote" and try to post, the whole thing posts blank.)  


Anyhow, I was sending a thank you to Lynne for spotting the Gothenburg photo in the Guardian Online article the other day.  I have been out of wifi range and only just noticed it.  Everytime I think I should select images to upload more carefully, along comes a surprise like this.  I had a few others from the same area which I much prefer, but there you have it.  The buyer is always right, eh?


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