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  1. The green is going to take some getting used to 🤣 (especially when it clashes against black). I don't like the font ... but ... I do think it works really well as a watermark.
  2. But under this new contract, I'm not sure that's enough. Clause 4.1.5 gives Alamy the right to exploit any licence they see fit, effectively, which suggests they won't follow photographer-set restrictions such as Editorial Use Only. Indeed, if you go onto Alamy and select an image you've labelled as "Editorial Use Only" you'll see that Alamy put a banner above the prices saying "Available for Editorial and personal Use Only. Get in touch for commercial uses." To which I want to say, "Er, no! It's editorial use only!" If Alamy can't be trusted to respect photographer-set restriction
  3. Yes, I was pleased to see Alamy’s post about them reviewing some of the clauses. I hope they are listening to us, but fear that not enough will change to make me feel safe enough to remain an Alamy contributor. (I, too, looked into indemnity insurance and realised it wouldn’t cover us against this contract, because indemnity insurance covers against our mistakes, not the mistakes of others, which is what this contract makes us liable for.) And, I know business is business, but to inflict all this worry and stress on suppliers merely 18 months after the debacle of the last contract
  4. Like Felix, I’ve not been an active poster on the forum, but I have been a frequent visitor. I’ve learned a lot from the posts on the forum, and for that I’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time and trouble to comment. Some of my frustration over this announcement focuses around the amount of time I’ve devoted to building up my portfolio on Alamy over the years. And I’ve just reached that point where I'm getting sales (and payments) most months. And while the cut in commission is unwelcome, to continue the Titanic theme many have used, it’s the iceberg that’s been looming on
  5. If only Apple ran an agency. They seem to manage on a 30% cut, passing on 70% onto the contributor. 🤣
  6. Dear Emily, According to your blog post, “We will read all the comments posted on the dedicated forum thread around these changes, so this is an effective way to raise questions and concerns. We will gather the frequently asked questions and the frequently posted comments over the next two weeks and I will reply to these in a follow-up blog post.” So, here are my questions: - If Alamy are determined to “market an exclusive collection and to use this to secure stronger prices from customers. We’d still like you to tell us if your images are exclusively with us,“ I’m
  7. The National Union of Journalists has now commented on this: https://www.nuj.org.uk/news/nuj-urges-alamy-to-rethink-commission-cut/
  8. Thanks for those comments, Graham. Yes, I think that sums up the situation. LR provides a good workflow, even if it isn't thebest RAW converter, and C1's keywording isn't there yet. From what I understand C1's keywording and library have come on leaps and bounds from 7, but 8 isn't quite there yet. Perhaps I need to keep a lookout for C1 version 9 when it comes out.
  9. Thanks for everyone's comments. Really useful. As I thought ... If I make the investment (time-wise as well as financially) I'll see the benefits. I think half my problem is I'm old fashioned ... I like to sit down and read a book to learn how to do something. And apparently there's not one due for Capture One until November. Until then, I'll keep watching the video tutorials ;-)
  10. I've been using Lightroom to process my raw files and have been happy with the results. However, I recently tried a 30-day trial of Phase One's Capture One Pro software. The software appears to produce great results, although I find the screen is packed full of icons and very busy, making navigation quite challenging, and I'm still trying to get my head round their cataloguing/session set up. But it just made me wonder what software other contributors use. There are many references to Lightroom and Adobe on the forums but little seems to be said of Phase One.
  11. Had that surreal moment when flicking through a magazine and suddenly came face to face with one of my images! Anyway, here are the other Alamy images I came across in the Spring 2015 issue of Country Walking: P7/8 - Graham Uney - ANBWG4 P10 - Neil Dangerfield - BEWNCX P11 - Patrick Eden - ACYCMR P12 - Martyn WIlliams - EF7H3P P16/17 - Robert harding Picture Library - AFJGFC (?) P41 - John Morrison - E7XERN P43 - Alan Novelli - AKGGHI P44/45 - Snap2000 Images - A3RMCX P47 - Graham Moore - DRIHRJ P50 - Stewart Smith - CW4JG8 P50 - Roger Coulon - BBKF7P P74/75 - Nature Picture
  12. I wrote an article on this topic for a photography magazine, and Alamy were extremely helpful in giving their advice. In the UK, copyright lasts with the creator (and their estate) until 70 years after the death of the creator. The photographer can therefore bequeath their photographic images to anyone they like. Alamy did mention that it would be useful if the will had a specific clause clarifying who the images on the Alamy account are being bequeathed to. The beneficiary can then contact Alamy (preferably with a copy of the will confirming that they are the new rightful owner, and then
  13. Hi Gary, I've noticed a slowness since upgrading my Macs to Mavericks. Interestingly, too, I'm having a lot of problems with the upload process when files are rejected because they cannot be located ... but this only happens if I switch to another programme. (I used to leave Safari open and my files uploading and switch to another programme and continue working whilst the files were uploading in the background. Since installing Mavericks I can't do this (I wonder if it's anything to do with AppNap, which gets the processor to cut power to 'hidden' windows. Have searched the Internet bu
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