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  1. Definitely agree with the 'select all' feature, and ability to re-order tabs. Set up a couple of galleries to play around with it, but didn't realise they would be locked in that order
  2. Here is my work-in-progress https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/forstmanis
  3. Thank you everyone for your suggestions! Very helpful.
  4. Hello all, hoping some of you in the U.K. can offer suggestions here. My daughter has settled in London for a few years. For Christmas, looking at getting her a gift voucher that can be purchased online to a good camera store, preferably one with a few outlets in London so she can choose one near her home or work. Any suggestions?
  5. Seems so http://www.microstockgroup.com/alamy-com/rf-editorial-coming-to-alamy!/msg450683/?topicseen#new
  6. Two more sales for me reported in past 24 hours. Both of them editorial/RM images - i think all the rest of mine have been RF/released to date
  7. There is quite a good article on this topic from the NYT a couple of years back: http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/04/23/paris-city-of-rights/?_r=0 (Apologies if it was already posted, have come into the discussion a little bit late, but on a quick scroll, couldn't see it.) Personally, over the last 4-5 years, I would say I have been leaning more and more towards Bill's views on this one, irrespective of the strict legal position. Perhaps it is the rise of Facebook/Instagram/Etc, but I do believe that people have become more cautious (or even hostile), and as Bill's example shows, with good
  8. I like TPE but have recently discovered PhotoPills http://www.photopills.com- more expensive than TPE but has many more features, plus they have quite good video tutorials.
  9. Agree re Mail. Image used in April 2015, reported June 2015, still waiting to be paid. ????
  10. Sorry to hear of your injury. I know you mentioned that a strap won't assist right now because of the difficulty lifting your shoulder, but when you are on the mend, I would recommend it. I recently bought a Black Rapid sport strap and it has made a huge difference in terms of neck, shoulder and upper back pain. (They also come left and right handed). I was getting to the point where I really couldn't wear the camera around the neck except for short stints. When going hiking, I was fumbling around with camera, neck straps, backpacks, etc. I recently had a few days away with the Black Rapi
  11. On the topic of selfies - this is a hoot!
  12. I just noticed that about 181,000+ EyeEm marketplace images have gone live on Alamy. Not sure how recently this happened. For those that are EyeEm contributors (including myself), we have known this was due to happen for a little while now. EyeEm previously had an exclusive distribution arrangement with Getty, but with Alamy coming on board as a partner, the Getty arrangement is no longer exclusive. EyeEm is predominantly, though not only, phone images. So while Stockimo images continue to be added Shutterstock, EyeEm images are also now competing with Stockimo images on Alamy. Swings an
  13. And here's a thought: is the Stockimo / Shutterstock distribution deal the thin edge of the wedge? Will the Corbis / Getty deal prompt Alamy and Shutterstock into a merger / larger distribution deal? Is everything headed towards 3 mega agencies - getty/corbis, alamy/shutterstock amd fotolia (adobe)? And then some niche players.
  14. Anyhow, on the historic archive point, an article in the Time states that Getty will manage Corbis physical archives on behalf of VCG, and continue to look at ways of digitizing / commercialising that content
  15. Deleted - that will teach me for trying to pcopy and paste text from iPhone!
  16. In all seriousness Gemma, as a new contributor, you really need to familiarise yourself with the guidelines http://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/best-place-to-sell-stock-images-photos/ and also your contributor contract carefully. There is no prohibition against digital cameras, but some are more acceptable than others. Read the guidelines, and (nearly) all will be revealed Edit: Just fixed up spacing between link and following text
  17. This from Variety: "In a separate, but related, deal Visual China signed a deal with Getty Images, that will enable Getty customers to access the Corbis Images library. Previously, Visual China has partnered with Getty Images for over a decade to market and distribute Getty Images’ content exclusively in China. After a transition period, Getty Images will exclusively offer Corbis creative stills, Corbis Motion content and Corbis archival and documentary content to its global customer base outside of China." So, it seems the deal is structured in a way so that archive/historical images wi
  18. Mine are also up quite a bit compared to the last couple of months. Not translated to sales - except one - yet, but i do feel hopeful when i see some of these images searched for again by reference number
  19. Of course, protecting IP also becomes a convenient means for acheiving broader censorship goals as well: http://money.cnn.com/2016/01/25/technology/bill-gates-corbis/ I think it will be very interesting to watch this space and see what happens to Corbis' news archive images (and future news images of course) which traverse issues the Chinese government would rather suppress. Again, this may actually be a good thing for Alamy if the new owners do restrict what news images they will or won't licence.
  20. Australian prices: Presentation AU$ 14.99 Website AU$ 44.99 Magazine AU$ 149.99 Marketing package: Small business AU$ 59.99 Marketing package: Large business AU$ 239.99
  21. My point is.... There was a suggestion I was singling out the Chinese, when other regimes are equally corrupt. That is no doubt true, but it is a Chinese company that has bought Corbis, so didn't see the relevance of discussing corruption generally, Personally, if I had to decide, I would be very hesitant about a Chinese company managing licensing of my IP, for all the reasons already mentioned. Simple as that. Others have also diverted into slightly off topic issues about real estate investment, and hedge funds, so not quite sure I understand your specific issue with me commenting as well? An
  22. Yes, but the issue here is a Chinese company has bought Corbis, not a company incorporated anywhere else, so the corruption or otherwise of other nations is irrelevant to this discussion. That said, I don't think anyone could any all seriousness suggest that the rule of law exists in China (or any other authoritarian regime) is in anyway comparable to western democracies. It is an indisputable fact that their legal system and processes are riddled with corruption. Anyone who has dealt with their legal system has first hand experience of this. I have seen foreign companies lose all their IP to
  23. Worth also bearing in mind that Corbis' assets have not been sold directly to VCG, but an affiliate - Unity Glory - owned by VCG' major shareholders (which includes Chinese government shareholders), Many of those corporate shareholders will be a front for who knows who or what. Like many high end Chinese real estate transactions in western cities, I expect it is almost impossible to determine who the real beneficial owner is, though it would be a fair assumption based on what is known of real estate transactions that they will likely be the "princelings" - Chinese government political elites.
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