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Fotografen Matthew Richardson har fångat den kända seriehjälten med hjälp av skuggan av en gammal jänkare.Foto: Stockimo/Alamy
Dagens Nyheter  |  7 Apr 2015  |  Sweden  |  Swedish  | Page: 48
Google translate:
Asphalt - batman
Photographer Matthew Richardson has captured the famous cartoon hero with the help of the shadow of an old jänkare.Foto : Stockimo / Alamy
Today's News | April 7, 2015 | Sweden | Swedish | Page : 48
Image ID : S0BREE
My car is Batman. Holy bat shadow from a classic car with tail fins


Fantastic! I didnt know this had sold. Thanks for highlighting it



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Thanks for this post, where you find image?

I have not see sales report in my Stockimo app yet.


It won't show up as a sale on your Stockimo App until the customer actually pays. It may take a couple of months.


Thanks Lisa !

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Image ID : N001X

Copyright : © nidpor / StockimoNews / Alamy

Poole, UK. 01st Apr, 2015. UK weather: Colourful umbrellas at Bournemouth beach 

Daily Telegraph, 2 APR 2015, page 8 (as reported by Sue Norwood)


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From Twitter:

The Grayson @GraysonThe 

Sold my @Stockimo #rain photo on @Alamy Will save the cash for a rainy day! £££
Image ID : S03NXR
Raindrops splashing on flooded carpark
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From Twitter:

Reciprocity Images ‏@Reciprocity_  May 2

Just found not one but TWO @Stockimo photos sold on @Alamy today! Thanks!
Image ID : S073WR
Beautiful late afternoon sunlight and dirt path through pine forest near Sankt-Peter-Ording, Nordfriesland, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
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From Twitter:

Jayne Lloyd @jaynelloyd  

Very happy to have another @Stockimo photo sold on @Alamy 
Drop of water running down a train window, with tracks visible behind
Image ID : S01C1Y
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From Twitter:

Annette Kiesow @annettek  

Great way to wake up today - just sold my @Stockimo photo on @Alamy 
Zakim Bridge, Boston
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I have had 4 Stockimo sales so far, from 250 images. Most were added within the first 3-4 months of the Stockimo game so they have been online for a bit...


Overall RPI is more or less on par with the rest of my Alamy collection... Average NET is only around $15.00 though, which is less than half of my avg NET from the general collection.



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