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  1. Many thanks for listening James. Merry Christmas! ps. I don't suppose you could sort out Brexit as well?
  2. 5 in the last week if that counts as a surge. OK amounts and no Distributor sales - it's the future...:)
  3. Ref Mark's post above, it's probably worth noting that DxO's 50% offer includes the Nik Collection (which I bought at full price a few months ago - doh!). Cheers John
  4. That was my concern as well. Plus, my 2 'one pic per day' sales had identical usage for the same photo (which I raised with MS before seeing this thread).
  5. I also had 3 calendar sales of the same pic ( 2 one pic per day, one normal).
  6. BME with 9 sales for $413 gross, despite my CTR and zooms having taken a severe nose dive in the last couple of weeks. It may be a coincidence, but my monthly average sales figures seem to have increased significantly since the new AIM was introduced (without me doing any re-keywording).
  7. And I've just had another look, and my Affiliate sale discussed above has now been changed to a Distributor sale. Perhaps I should have kept quiet!
  8. Hi Matt - sorry for the delay. No, the image was not zoomed on the same day as the sale (nor in any time period that I would associate with this sale). Best regards John
  9. Well, I've just had my first 'Affiliate Sale' for a nice (for these days) three figure gross sum. Sure I'd have preferred it to have been a Direct Sale at 50% commission but, at 38.5%, it's obviously better than a 30% Distributor Sale. Moreover, as far as I can tell, it's a sale that I wouldn't have had otherwise. Overall, I suspect it depends whether you're a 'my glass is half full' or a 'my glass is half empty' sort of person. I'm definitely the former and my thanks to Alamy for this new initiative.
  10. I always use Capture NX2 for automatic CA removal, even though I changed from Nikon to Fuji X-series some years ago. Basically, I run the 8-bit TIFF outputs from Fuji RAF file processing in Capture One Express 7 (not brilliant for removing CA imo) through Capture NX2's Camera Lens Corrections (with both CA boxes ticked by default). An extra stage in pp, but I also like Capture NX2's horizon tool so I'm prepared to live with a few more button presses. it works for me....
  11. Good for me; 5 sales for $240 gross. Revenue for 2017 has already exceeded last year's so a happy bunny🤑
  12. Like many others, I was hit by the recent street art removals/additional restrictions campaign. I found this to be very disappointing, as I had always gone to great lengths to attempt identification of the artists and credit them accordingly. I was also surprised by the street artists' concerns as their work is normally extremely transient in nature, perhaps only lasting a matter of days before being defaced, replaced or removed, and hence thought that a photographic record of a professional nature (with the associated publicity) would be welcomed by them. It would be nice to hear the views of street artists themselves. Has anybody seen any recent media articles expressing street artists' views on photography?
  13. 'Adult' content? Have you been naughty Betty?:)
  14. Congrats Mark - always nice to reach a milestone. I've literally just reached 4000 but it's taken me 10 years to get there. No sense in rushing these things... Cheers John
  15. I have made no changes to my minimalist keywording/tagging philosophy since the intro of the new AIM. Still getting plenty of views and zooms and, if anything, my number have sales might even have improved. So, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
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