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  1. I went through a bad spell of few zooms and sales towards the end of last year. I then started uploading images from my backlog (I tend to upload during the colder months when not travelling or gardening so much) and things picked up nicely. I think it was David Kirkpatrick (?) who recommended uploading 'little and often' to keep your CTR etc at a reasonable level. It seems to work for me.
  2. Hi Mark. I've just received my personalised version of the email and suspect all contributors will get theirs unless they've 'unsubscribed' from such updates. So, no, I'm sure they are not expecting any replies. Having recently discussed the perennial issue of street art images and re-annotated such photos as 'Editorial Only', I was interested to note the following in the email: "If your collection contains images of artworks these can never be marked as Exclusive to Alamy, unless you're the artist." It's probably been mentioned before and I missed it, so I've just amended my artwork (predominantly street art) images accordingly. However, I do wonder what further restrictions on street art images will be placed upon us in the future.
  3. Joseph - many thanks for the link to Alamy's advice on street art. Like you, I think that the term 'wider context' is open to interpretation but I suspect that it probably always will be. However, the requirement for selecting Editorial Only is obviously clear.
  4. I noticed the following comment by Alamy's sister company (the S-word) on Twitter yesterday at the end of a post extolling the virtues of street art photography; "Remember to tag your photos as editorial to avoid any copyright issues". This was seen as a big issue by Alamy a while back, and I was one of many members who had some photographs deleted. There was also guidance on what street art photos could be included (eg. as part of an overall scene) but I don't recall a recommendation to use the 'Editorial Only' button as some sort of magic wand for acceptability. Has anyone seen such advice from Alamy, or perhaps Alamy would care to comment? Many thanks, John.
  5. It's also worth bearing in mind that the QC team's only interest is in technical perfection, particularly for your first upload which they will examine in great detail. They will have zero interest in the image content, regardless of your obvious enthusiasm for it. Far better to upload any images with perfect exposure, focus etc etc until you are used to Alamy's QC requirements for an acceptable image. Once you are passing QC successfully, then reevaluate your Paris shot with a clinical 'Alamy QC' eye. In addition, for a 1992 shot, I presume you are probably talking about digitising a film image which raises all sorts of technical QC challenges which others will be able to discuss with you.
  6. I was shocked and deeply saddened by this tragedy. My sincere condolences to Keith's family and to all those close to him. RIP
  7. Many thanks for listening James. Merry Christmas! ps. I don't suppose you could sort out Brexit as well?
  8. 5 in the last week if that counts as a surge. OK amounts and no Distributor sales - it's the future...:)
  9. Ref Mark's post above, it's probably worth noting that DxO's 50% offer includes the Nik Collection (which I bought at full price a few months ago - doh!). Cheers John
  10. That was my concern as well. Plus, my 2 'one pic per day' sales had identical usage for the same photo (which I raised with MS before seeing this thread).
  11. I also had 3 calendar sales of the same pic ( 2 one pic per day, one normal).
  12. BME with 9 sales for $413 gross, despite my CTR and zooms having taken a severe nose dive in the last couple of weeks. It may be a coincidence, but my monthly average sales figures seem to have increased significantly since the new AIM was introduced (without me doing any re-keywording).
  13. And I've just had another look, and my Affiliate sale discussed above has now been changed to a Distributor sale. Perhaps I should have kept quiet!
  14. Hi Matt - sorry for the delay. No, the image was not zoomed on the same day as the sale (nor in any time period that I would associate with this sale). Best regards John
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