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  1. I have 50% commission on Stockimo, thats it.
  2. New record I got this morning 3 sales, 0,12$ each
  3. Congratulations, this is Serbian web site
  4. I have 3rd sale pop up on Stockimo this morning
  5. Only two sales - total 63 $ nett I hope it will be better...
  6. How many images you have on Stockimo? I have near 1000, two sales so far.
  7. This morning i have two sales shows, each for good revenue $$. So happy
  8. It won't show up as a sale on your Stockimo App until the customer actually pays. It may take a couple of months. Thanks Lisa !
  9. Thanks for this post, where you find image? I have not see sales report in my Stockimo app yet.
  10. Another 4 score for me I have 800+ images on Stockimo but no sales yet
  11. I really enjoy producing images for Stockimo, this is totally different from regular stock. Unfortunately no sales yet, i have around 700 images in my portfolio. I hope to have some sale in future. Go Stockimo
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