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  1. 6 sales for little over 100 USD. Best month this year I think. Just reached same number of sales last year but 300 or so USD below last year. We shall see.
  2. Hi All, Question that has confused me for a while... How do people post images of TV shows to Alamy. An example of one is what was reported this month in the "have you found alamy images thread". http://www.dailymail...-800-night.html Spongebob... how is it OK to sell an image such as this. Regards Jonny
  3. I was literally wondering about this today. I really wish they would tell us. Alamy....
  4. 800 online Low $13 high $23.60 4 sales I enjoy it, so il keep shooting for it. I expect sales will improve with time, not values but numbers.
  5. Thanks Lisa, two uses of Nairobi Skyline! This is the first time one has been reported here, very excited. Il look out for the sales! Hopefully wont be too long and good fees! Jonny
  6. One infringement sale 37 dollars net. No actual sales. But best month ever for zooms! Munch could (should) be a treat.
  7. Woohoo I was feeling left out. I have my first sale today x 2. 36 and 29 USD, can't complain, won't be rich, but can't complain. J
  8. I got into photography around 16 so a bit later but there is an amazing book called understanding exposure. It's brilliant with lots of pics, helps you understand settings in a creative way. I posted the message you have written on talkphotography.co.uk years ago and some kind sole sent it to me for free. Iv since passed it on, anyway it's great. Jonny
  9. Sales improved since 2014 but way down since 2011 which was my most number of sales by far. Income about $120 more than 2011 which means 2015 was my best year ever owing to 6 nice sales in december. Lastly my average sale price was about $41.33 (gross) only one 3 figure sale this year. I have put a lot into it this year, so we shall see. Zooms have been constantly up and so things are looking good. Im a small fish obviously here but one day would love to make more of it. Slowly slowly im hopeful. Best of luck this year all! Jonny
  10. Wow i woke up today with two more sales taking me past my "number of sales" goal and falling about 3 USD below my revenue goal. Thats just teasing me. Nice to hear some of your goals!
  11. Hmmmm.... not sure if I understood correctly. But it seems your goals are very mild. If you doubled your portfolio within a year, your income should theoretically also double, not equal that of last year (3) Make it my best year ever for gross income --> Im about 30 USD below this.) Just my two cents Cheers, Philippe Good point but my best year was many years ago. I had a random spike in sales and revenue. Somehow that year i got 20ish sales of good amounts. I didnt upload anything for years so I have just this year began to re-upload. Your right that I should expect a doub
  12. I thought id write a quick message about goals. Yearly, monthly etc. This year Im putting some more effort into photography, I have doubled my portfolio size and have another 300-400 images in the awaiting keywording pile. My goal for 2015 was: 1) average one sale a month--> I know have sold 11 licenses this year 2) Average 4 zooms per month--> Im at about 43 this year 3) Make it my best year ever for gross income --> Im about 30 USD below this. So i need a few more zooms and ONE MORE SALE >30 USD to make my yearly goal, il be gutted if it doesnt come in before New Y
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