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I have been a contributor since 2004. Back in the days when we had to submit our test photographs on a CD and how we worried about the upsizing we had to do form our 12 and 14 MP cameras.

I have less than a thousand images on here but sold a few broadly in keeping with the expected ratio of sales per 100 images. It was never a money making enterprise, I knew that from the start and I would have kept adding a few when time permitted. In early May I saw 2 images had sold so I opened the dashboard to see more info. FFS, my income from each image was less than 1 cent so the reality was zero. In the past ive fumed a bit at the low income after Alamy gives discount etc but ZERO. Thats not acceptable and is taking the pi**.

Ide rather give away my images myself than be part of this corruption, so today is my last day on Alamy. I wont be missed by contributors or Alamy come to that. In the early days there were some good sales and because the standards were so high I felt part of something well organised and with integrity.

You all have the chance of being ripped off by the Alamy scam, dont let them do to you what they did to me.

ZERO is not acceptable.

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Yours is a very good and diverse collection of images, even if a bit short in the numbers. Of course you are right to be outraged at those pitiful "sales" What on earth Alamy is up to I don't know, but walking away in a temper probably won't make you feel much better. Alan Capel likely shares your despair. Best wishes!

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Hello Nigel,


Sorry to see you're so p***ed with Alamy prices. They are often shocking.


I don't think Alamy is a scam, just a business that is accomodating a long term and frustrating fall in image prices, coupled with an economy crippled by a pandemic and hopeless mis-management. For sure it is run by greedy capitalists who think a 60/40 split is fair, but that's no more a scam than many other commercial arrangements.


I've had a cheeky look at your pictures. They are fine; just not enough of them.  A larger portfolio would have collected more sales and with that a greater variation of fees which would have put todays p***s taking experience in context.  I am not suggesting that you should go off and upload another X thousand images, that would just be rude, just observing the downsides of a small portfolio.  My collection is mostly things I've seen when wondering with a camera, there's nothing special, very few images are actually great, each picture is just an honest document.  I generate enough modest fees each month to consistently clear the $50 threshold, it pays for a holiday each year and the occasional lens, the only difference between you and me is volume of images.


To my mind individual fees are irrelevent, it is their aggregated sum that I attach worth to. To be honest I wish it were higher, but it is what it is.


I have only tried to offer some clarity, if I were to offer any advice, well it would be to just leave your pictures where they are and see what happens in the future.


Take care.







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6 hours ago, Jeffrey Isaac Greenberg said:
Nigel's Gone
by bloody me, not ChatGPT
Nigel's gone across the bog,
'ere he disappeared in fog,
bound for yon distant sea,
his compensations were too wee,
aye we've lost another lad,
this stock trade he left so mad

 🍀__ 🍀__ 🍀


Edited by Jeffrey Isaac Greenberg
aye Nigel twas mad not sad
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