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  1. The stock site model is flawed from the start. We give Alamy our images for free. They sell them at whatever they consider "fair" and take 50% of the money. Ignore the prices we see on the Alamy pages because most customers get discounts. Its a business based on magnitude. If (and ive no idea how many images they sell, too lazy to look) they sell 1,000,000 images for $10 and keep half its $5,000,000 for Alamy and $5 each for the photographer who sells one image. They have no regard for the cost of production and post production. In addition they license to newspapers who th
  2. I had an image on The Guardian website this weekend. No sale showing yet but I get it that it might take a while to show. I then did a google search and found 4 websites around the world and uk running the same story and same words and including my image. Do I assume The Guardian released the entire story to these others or did they steal it? If Guardian gave or sold it do I get paid for every url it appears under or will it just a one off payment from Guardian? I dont get many newspaper sales so dont understand how this dilution of the contaent works.
  3. I am a Getty provider but to date have provided nothing. 😄
  4. If its a commercial buyer using the PU route to buy images thats not right, so yes I guess discounted PU is the "cheapest price they possibly can!" but is that good for photographers and is that what Alamy are condoning. The photographers have no control over prices. We see the advertised prices and iether think OK thats fair and we offer the work to Alamy to sell them for a commission or we withdraw from Alamy. Ime happy with the prices listed but in the end of the day when I get 50% of a 42% discounted price its really not worth the effort. With archive work there is a lot o
  5. Ime savvy with exchange rates and its not that. Its buyers who take the p***
  6. I guess so. Its 42% discount and I cant find a discount code that low. Also who buys for private use without a 100% zoom ? Its a commercial buyer with a big discount taking the mickey Difficult to prove.
  7. I see that now thanks. Is that a discount then with more than one photographer?
  8. Thats an obvious possibility. But why are they not paying the advertised price ? £9.99 How does it get reduced to$8 Do individuals get discounts ?
  9. THanks to everyone for trying to explain this. The image is M8EAX6 Its a scan of 35mm from F1 test day back in 1984 It would have very limited uses for personal use Country: Worldwide Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use Start: 10 February 2021 End: 10 February 2026 $8.03 x 50% is $4 for me Was it worth it NO
  10. Ive lived through all the stories about how some big customers get a discount and accept it. But, how do people get to buy an image for personal use and get it below the ticket price?
  11. Agh I see, ime not alone. Sometimes its the content that gives it away as being highly unlikely its personal use.
  12. I understand that the commercial buyer will not go through the normal portal and Zoom images there before buying. It happens, I see it, no problem. But, personal use images will be different. Who would buy an image without looking at it closely if they were going to use it for Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. I think its acon. Its commercial users who see a $13 useage as the cheapest option and go for it because the chances of getting caught are nil.
  13. Just had an email from a client saying he purchased a web use image from my Alamy collection. It hasnt shown up as a sale. Does this normally take very long.
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