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  1. You're right very random, but it sold...I also wonder why people do such things to trees but it wasn't me inscribing J D or purchasing
  2. Absolute pants, its gone, nada...I've hardly even looked at the forum in months and i was hooked before the nonsense.
  3. Exactly, its what seperated Alamy from the rest. They don't get it...Anyway, you have a really strong portfolio and i'd like to see your licensed image...
  4. My plan was to go non-exclusive ( which i have ) and diversify into other stocks but its seems to have ruined the interest. Which is strange because i was never interested in the money, just the enjoyment of doing something i really enjoy. Maybe the idea of being taken for a ride after all the effort it takes and seeing the community broken by corporate greed. But i do miss it and as usual agree with you Steve to just push through this and get back on the horse...
  5. I've not uploaded since this whole debacle started...only having a small port it hits me hard...Still made a few more sales, but then that takes forever to clear. Almost at the point of getting my 1st ever payment...Almost. So how to get the mojo back? Any thoughts anyone?
  6. Sally this is exactly how i feel, disorientated and lost me mojo...To stick or bust!!! Not knowing wether to stay and fight to achieve the annual minimum of $250 threshold with my even smaller port just because i really enjoy Alamy or stick up the two proverbial fingers to them in total disgust...
  7. For many of us smaller ports reaching the $250 and staying within the " Gold " ( my arse ) threshold will be hard enough this being more for enjoyment\passion than my profession. Not sure if i can be bothered and pretty sure they won't be either.
  8. Best month so far, 2 sales for what in the great scheme of things is only a small portfolio although amazing the time and effort required.... if only they knew eh...
  9. Alamy works, highest sale to date Mid $$ Country: United KingdomUsage: EditorialMedia: Magazine - print, digital and electronicPrint run: up to 25,000
  10. Ham n eggs with toasted fruit loaf? You must be from different parts...Maybe i'll interest you with some vegan options in the future
  11. Typical, i always use Safari but downloaded Chrome to test that so assumed it was my mac, either way i now know for the future going by my size port will probably forget by next year lol
  12. Yeh dragging and dropping directly wouldn't work and when right clicking no menu would appear but i found by dragging the expanded image into a blank menu bar the URL would pop up which i could then copy and paste. It worked so i'm chuffed, thank you
  13. Thank you both, think i'm bugged...no right-click menu appears when over the image but finally found a work around... Really appreciate your help, nice to be able to join in...onwards n upwards
  14. Jeez what a faff...Anyway, my 2nd sale woohoo...Low $$ which impressive as i couldn't remember the location Country: WorldwideUsage: Personal use, Persönliche Ausdrucke, Karten und Geschenke oder Referenz für Künstler. Nur nicht kommerzielle Verwendung, nicht zum Weiterverkauf bestimmt.Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use
  15. Just received my 2nd sale, could someone please explain how to share the image with you on here ( sorry i'm sure this has been asked many times ).
  16. Didn't realise there was one, and tbh not sure id use it. Quite content with just the forums and learning/listening in the shadows from the usual group of friendly more experienced who just happen to be the ones also commenting on here.
  17. I did watch Abraham Lincoln just the other day in motion and full colour, way more handsome than i was expecting. Definitely creepy but fascinating at the same time, think we're one step away from regenerating humans from their DNA. imagine the stories they could tell us...
  18. Yeh it was literally tweak the settings ( not sure what they were off-hand ) which in turn prevented the issue from reappearing. Are you using a standalone version of LR? Since using the dreaded Adobe subscription ( not a fan ) the issue is no more. Obviously i can't compared files to those of Sony or other manufactures for sharpness etc. But i'm happy.
  19. I did notice a lack of sharpness rather than the dreaded worm everyone mentions, I did comparison tests using other available Raw converters ( i've shot raw since it was an option ) and there was definitely an improvement outside of LR, but then i read an article on some random site about the Abode LR settings, and low and behold you could achieve the same quality within LR so no major expensive software change or new unwanted learning curve. That was with Standalone LR, since being forced into their subscription package just to keep up to date and with the Jones's, there hasn't been any issue
  20. Those are pretty substantial factors, and i notice the price difference isn't massive. I have promised no more camera bodies this year after 2 last year...Theres always a justification
  21. Never tried using the X-T range, always preferred the rangefinder look but i'm tempted, I think the software is better, ie, focus stacking is available. What are the main benefits for the 4 coming from the 3?
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