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May 2023 Challenge - Forward / Ahead


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Suitably quirky subject, thanks Wim


1) Tank crossing ahead



2) Planting potatoes, looking forward to a good crop




3) Forward facing guns on USS Cassin Young


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Forward/Ahead, come my three:


Driving forward in the rain:




Walking forward these ten thousand steps:




Ahead of catching all the fish:





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Hey Wim,

You told me once that I should sort out my Latin. This is from the little reminder stored in my memory, perhaps is still suitable for this contest, or take it just as a piece of fun, as I do 🙂


Per aspera ad astra:


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Three from me. they don't really illustrate forward that well but I thought I would put them up anyway. I don't have much that really fits the topic.




My fantastic boy running downhill at maximum speed. I was holding my breath waiting for the impact and tears but it never came. The look of his face said - out of the way old timer, I've got this.




Hong Kong tram.





Kite surfing at Tempelhof in gorgeous Berlin.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Great White Pelican moving forward:




European Bee-eater looking forward to getting rid of the stuff stuck in it's throat:




Red-footed falcons looking forward to expanding the family:


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The challenge is of course closed, but you'll have to wait some more for the voting: I find it difficult to get down to only 8 images. At the moment I'm stuck at 9.

All those cute kids; the athletes and those charging birds and bears. But also the slog it is for some to get forward.

I know it's a cultural thing, but in my book advancing is moving left to right and retreating is going right to left. But what about moving from or towards the viewer?

Maybe after lunch.



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Thank you all for competing!

Now it's time to vote. Please place your votes here.


As always it got harder towards the end to leave images out. The little bear and the coots were last to go. Maybe better images than the one that stayed in, but impact as a criterion has it's place too. Then there was the blackbird staring at me and the little girl getting ahead and the boy following the father. The older man with the bike and all the other bikes. The motorbike.

Thank you for all those lovely images!

I'm so curious which one you will like most.



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