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QC and lens diffraction



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20 hours ago, meanderingemu said:



just to confirm, passed or straight through as a 5Star contributor? 

Can't be sure... but I'd expect it to go through without any problem.

It's sharp where it needs to be, and the flare is obviously intentional.



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Those "regular spot patterns" got me thinking. In my understanding, "lens diffraction" is caused by the lens aperture edge (often the aperture blades) bending the light rays passing right next to them. This causes a softening of the image (especially at small apertures), and not the spot pattern shown above.


The origin of these spot patterns would seem to be a combination of 2 effects. Diffraction patterns formed in the reflected light from the image sensor (or micro lens array, or bayer filter) the grid structure of which is acting as a diffraction grating. These reflected diffraction spots are then being reflected back onto the sensor by one or more of the lens elements (no lens Anti-Reflection coating is perfect).


So would it be more correct to call this a "sensor diffraction effect"?





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