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Vote for your favorite "Fear and Danger" photo!

Time to Vote for the September challenge - Fear and Danger  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote for your favorite Fear and Danger photo!

    • 1) Wing walker by David Fowler HTMMTJ
    • 2) Fearing the hand by Allan Bell 2H79GWR
    • 3) Fearless bullfighter by Tony ALS 2BNMX6F
    • 4) Sea rescue by AVpics D4XHKM
    • 5) Tarantula on glass by VB Folly PWC078
    • 6) Leaping over icy crevasse by Colin Woods CF1AX3
    • 7) Leopard stalking wildebeests by Paulette JBP093
    • 8) Whipscorpion on face by Gen Vallee CBY96C

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  • Poll closed on 07/10/22 at 22:00

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Poll ends on the 7th at midnight GMT.  As it has been said many times before, this is the worst part of the fun challenge, the selection.  I could have easily had 8 more to add in.  Thanks to all who took the time to go through their port to put in some wonderfully fearful and dangerous (activities) photos!


1) Wing Walker by David Flowler




2) Scary Hand by Allan Bell




3) Fearless Bullfighter by Tony ALS




4) Sea Rescue by AVPics




5) Tarantula! by VBFolly




6) Leaping over an icy crevasse by Colin Woods




7) Leopard stalking wildebeests by Paulette




8- Whipscorpion on a face by Gen Vallee



Edited by Michael Ventura
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Oh wow. This is really scary. Thanks for including my hungry leopard. She did indeed get her wildebeest. A young one, as they usually do. I'm very fond of the wildebeests. They are strangely put together and comical in the way they move. Sadly, they are destined to be prey, especially as they cross the Mara River. Between lions, leopards and crocodiles it is a perilous journey.



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Thank you for including my "HAND" image.


Actually it was not my own hand but that of another great photographer.




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19 minutes ago, Michael Ventura said:

Congrats to Gen Vallee!! Your and your whipscorpian won by a whisker (or a whip) under a nose!!  Creepy photo for sure!  Over to you Gen!


Wow! I didn't expect to win. It was by a whisker indeed. Thank you for the votes. 

I'm about to hit the road again after my cup of coffee so I will waste no time in setting up the next challenge. Good luck all!


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