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1 hour ago, Michael Ventura said:

I have a few ball of sun sunsets....not sure if any have sold, maybe.  I just realized, they all have water as a common theme.








Gorgeous Michael. I find that water is a subject that sells very well.

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I have a few Sunset photographs in my Alamy portfolio, they are rarely things that I chase actively, it is more randomness and opportunity...


Sunset over Darwin Harbour:



Japan Tokyo sunset:



Darwin's Fannie Bay Sunset with power walkers:



Silhouette of trees and man checking his mobile phone at sunset:



Darwin Mindil Beach Sunset Market:



I have a few other, but I think that this give an idea of the randomness of it.

Anyway, I do enjoy seeing sunset in real life, so thank you for this thread that shows plenty of them I had not seen.



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Now remember some time back If on my own I would camp at Botallack in Cornwall, or if a family holiday stay with friends near Penzance. Sometimes I would head over to St Just, down the picturesque Cott Valley road to Porth Nanven to shoot a sunset over the rocky beach. On one such occasion around 25 photographers descended onto the small beach and started setting up tripods, never seen that before. I found that they were members of a Cornish photography club on an outing. Now I regret not moving back and incorporating the photographers silhouetted against the sunset into the image making them the primary subject. Hindsight is a great thing.

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On 08/09/2022 at 10:07, Ed Rooney said:


Nice snap, Allan -- but has it sold? I have never had a digital image of a sunset sell. Never.

Perhaps one of the reasons that I didn't get kicked out of live news was that 'UK weather' soft news can be quite popular. Sunrises and sunsets often feature, eg:



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