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    Have a keen interest in military history and modern military affairs. I like to photograph military aviation in it's day to day operations rather than at shows and can frequently be seen outside military airfields in the South East, camera in hand when time allows.


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  1. My fourth sale here at Alamy, and the one that puts me over the $50 mark. Gary
  2. Tank ID please

    All, Another one here who plays those games, although as I'm more of a naval nut I tend to play World of Warships nowadays. By the way, that's definitely a AS-90, standard British Army 155mm self-propelled artillery piece. Gary
  3. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    Hi all, Been on Alamy for about a year now and although I still only have about 500 images listed, pretty much exclusively aviation I noticed this sold for a small amount a few days ago, the third sale since I started and as I'm only uploading what I would take as a hobby anyway any sales are a bonus. Quite happy with that but still not to the $50 mark yet. Good old NASA Canberra, well worth waiting several hours for that to turn up in winter light a few years ago. Pasted over from another thread elsewhere on the forum as I put it in the wrong one - apologises. Gary
  4. Favourite images uploaded - Feb 2018

    Deleted as it was in the wrong forum - apologises.
  5. Hi again, It was only a thought, but it seems like DVD/CD drives on computers are slowly dying out. Although I run my photography from a pretty decent desktop PC I also have a rather old laptop that I looked into replacing around Christmas time but didn't bother after all. What surprised me looking online and in the shops was how rare disc drives were becoming, which has started me thinking that discs are on the way out. Also from my lap top I run my local aviation Societies photo presentations, either myself or another member will show images on my lap top through the societies digital projector, and I've noticed how few people now use discs, virtually everybody brings in USB sticks. I realise I can just buy another portable hard drive but I've already got the images doubled up on two separate ones and prefer to use a different format as well, hence the current use of DVD's and thinking about USB sticks in the future although as said that's an expensive way of doing it. I have no idea if USB sticks are reliable when compared to DVDs or hard drives. I've never had a USB stick or hard drive go down but I may just have been lucky. Gary
  6. All, I keep all my aviation files backed up on two separate hard drives, independent from the PC's drive. I then every few months or so back then up to DVD's as well. I've just checked the DVD's this weekend, as some are probably 10 years old - all okay so far. I keep thinking about putting them all onto USB sticks as disk drives seem to be becoming slowly obsolete, but that's far more expensive. The DVD archive is now up to 46 discs. A fellow aviation enthusiast lost all his a few months ago because they were all on one drive, he's normally a very smart cookie and I couldn't believe he only kept them on one drive, it was so out of character. Gary
  7. Sale but no zoom?

    Thanks again guys. I tried that Matt, you were right! I'll have a look at the site linked above so thanks for that. Gary
  8. Sale but no zoom?

    Hi there, Thanks for that, will keep in mind. It just seemed odd to me. Gary
  9. Sale but no zoom?

    All, I've been on Alamy for just under a year now and although not a prolific uploader (just over 400 images to date) I have been fortunate to have two sales, which having read the forums a little I think I should be happy with considering the averages I am seeing. As I specialise in aviation I realise I may not have the most wide reaching portfolio. I was curious as to how the last sale worked from those more experienced than myself. I sold a image less that a week ago which was nice, but in the whole month I haven't had a zoom, and the last one in December was a different image. Is it normal - or possible - for a sale to occur without the customer having zoomed it, or is a issue with the site? Just curious really and certainly not complaining. Gary
  10. Uploading Problems?

    My three from Saturday have finally come out of processing today and have passed QC Gary
  11. Uploading Problems?

    All, I've got a similar issue to a couple of others on this thread. Uploaded four on Friday, gone through processing and today cleared QC, all fine. The three I uploaded on Saturday have never come up in the image manager screen, still showing as processing. These have not gone through QC and are still pending. Although I'm new here that doesn't fit the pattern I've seen so far, when everything uploaded over a Friday and weekend is QC'd at the same time in the new week. Also, still showing as processing seems like a bug to me. Is there a way to cancel the batch and start again? Gary
  12. Thanks guys. I will go for it. Those shots had been uploaded and passed screening at the most picky of the aviation database sites so I didn't think there would be any issues on the usual stuff like contrast/sharpness...etc. Just didn't know the criteria about the grass spots in the foreground. As for the rotors and shutter speed...that's many years of experience of taking helo's. I will normally default to 1/320 on shutter for helicopters and prop aircraft, that's slow enough to get some rotor blur, as in the AH shots above, but fast enough to usually get some sharp images in a sequence, even then an average I would say is one keeper in every five/six. Obviously, you can go slower, but experience tells me that your success rate plummets even further. Most of my set ups, as in the arming demo with the Apaches above, are one pass opportunities, I get one sequence of shots, and that's it, so I go on the conservative side. I agree that stopped blades and props look ridiculous, and I've seen many examples taken by photographers not familiar with aviation try it and shoot at around 1/1000 or more - they get a sharp airframe, but a frozen propeller/rotor. It takes a very slow shutter speed to put some real motion in the blades. It also depends on the rotor speed on the actual type you are shooting, and Apaches have a particularly slow rotor speed - try a Chinook, they're even slower! I had time and position with this Lynx below, so played around with it and got the speed down to 1/60, even then I got just one sharp image out of around twenty. Other guys I know in the same field generally get the same results. Gary
  13. Hi all, Since my introduction a couple of weeks ago I've been uploading my archives on a near daily basis and so far, so good - no QC issues...yet! I've now got a sequence of images that I would like to take a couple of examples from and add, but they contain something that may or may not, depending on how the QC works here, be a issue. I'd like to put the pics up here and get an opinion please. I think that is okay as I can't see anything in the rules to the contrary but if not. my apologises and I will remove/edit. I come from an aviation photography background, and regularly upload to aviation databases that 'screen' images for quality, but I realise that they're approach is not necessarily the same as a stock photography website. These two below contain, for obvious reasons, a lot of blown grass in front of the subjects. Now that wouldn't be a problem at a aviation database site, as the 'screeners' would be familiar with the situation and a pass/fail would not be applied because of the grass. Any ideas how that would work here at Alamy? Would they understand that a couple of AH's shot at point blank range will have a lot of blown grass in shot, which adds to the 'story' in the picture, or would they just fail it on QC grounds? If I failed screening at a aviation site it's no big deal, but here I read that you will have your upload privileges pulled for a while? The pics (obviously copyright would not be on the uploaded versions) Gary
  14. Airport Machinery ID

    Glad to see there's another aviation fan on the forum! Gary
  15. Number of images update

    Oh yes, I see what you mean. Never seen something like that before. Would that have just shown the older number to me only, or would everybody have seen the old figure? Gary