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Productive favourites

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Following on from the ‘unproductive favourites’ thread..I collected these little guys when I was a teenager (half a century ago) We shot a few images of them some years ago and they are our most consistent sellers. The modern meaning of the word ‘troll’ has had something to do with that!






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I would differentiate between those images that have sold numerous times and those which have generated the most income. My best earner, a scenic view going for $$$$, has sold only once while my best seller, a nondescript shot of a building, regularly used in the newspaper scheme, has not made any real money. Not sure that either shot would be a personal favourite, but you grow to like pictures that are good sellers.  I've yet to hit the jackpot with a shot that sells numerous times for lots of cash, and the way things are going, doubt if I ever will !

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