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Visual literacy...

John Morrison

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Our default activity, when nothing else is going on, is to gaze at a mobile phone: scrolling, tapping, swiping, waiting for something - anything - to happen. We take pictures of our food, our friends, ourselves, and upload them for all the world to see. This should surely be helping to make us more visually literate. Shouldn’t it?


Yesterday, I pointed out to the landlord of my local pub that the juxtaposition of pictures on the pub’s Facebook page was, at the very least, unfortunate. A natural desire to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz had somehow got mixed up with the equally natural desire to publicise the pub’s ‘pie night’. In the arbitrary way that Facebook groups pix together, this is how the page looked yesterday. Even after I pointed out the obvious, the landlord couldn’t ‘see it’. Am I being overly sensitive, or ???


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It takes a lot to shock and offend me, but this is it.  BAD BAD!


On the lighter side, in the 90's the first Sushi restaurant in Moscow

had a banner over the entrance that said "Fresh Fish, Flown in Weekly."


Do understand that I am not making light of a very very serious act

or post of beyond bad taste and offense.  It also takes a lot to make me

use an exclamation mark.




P.S. don't know what this has to do with "Visual Literacy?" 

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3 hours ago, Inchiquin said:

I don't think visual literacy has anything to do with it in this case. It's pure insensitivity - the inability to recognise context.





Yes, it's more a problem with literacy in general, which might have something to do with too much time spent tapping, scrolling and snapping.

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