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Looking for a portfolio review and advise :)


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Hello everybody,


i'm new here and started uploading one week ago. Till now there are still 0 views, but after i did some research here, i know that i will need a lot more patience :)


But nevertheless im not so sure if my style of photos is fitting in or is what sells on a alamy? What do you think?


I would be glad, if some of you could take a look at my portfolio and give me some advise, critique and whatever come to your mind about it! Also about captions and keywording.. admittedly not my strong suit :D




Thank you a lot in advance for your help and time!



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I think your photos are very beautiful. I looked by clicking on the blue numbers below your avatar. The link you supplied does not show in English. I do something very different from your work so I don't think I can advise on how well your subjects will sell. I just admire your work.



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I like the style too - as Bill says, they will stand out which is always a good thing. Not speaking your language, I cannot comment on most of the keywords I am afraid! But bearing in mind your english is excellent from your post, I wonder whether additional english tags would be a good idea, given that Alamy is based in the UK?


Good luck!



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Yes, lovely pix (and so very different to the stuff I shoot). Ideas about keywords and tags… What Americans call ‘candy’, we Brits call ‘sweets’. Use ‘loaf’ as well as ‘bread’. Your pix conjure up emotions, so maybe add more conceptual tags, such as wistful, nostaligc, nostalgia, memory, memories, regret, yearning, souvenir, etc…

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Your work is beautiful. I love it. Some of it (not all) reminds me of fine art, more suitable for hanging on the wall than using for editorial. With your talent, I hope you are exploring some of the Print on Demand sites.

I would suggest, where flowers are involved, add a zoomed out shot or two that includes the whole flower. Maybe you did, I can’t tell if the one of the stamens are from your whole flower shot. If so, ignore what I said. Offset it a bit so there is some copy space for the purchaser to add text.

In other words, do what you do (it’s lovely) but explore several (at least one) different shots of your subject. Don’t forget copy space if the subject lends itself to it.


The  one you call cotton threads, also use these tags.

Thread, spool, spools, spools of thread, spools of cotton thread, thread spool, sewing materials, needle, needle and thread


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Don't forget that no matter how beautiful, stylish, and personal your images are, they'll still need great keywording. Buyers - no matter what sort of taste in images they have - start their searches the same way.

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I agree, great photos. Just the tagging needs some work. At least you've found out now rather than when you have 1000 + images


W128FC has "little red riding hood" as a tag, not sure why. It has a glass of red wine and a cake of some sort. Elaborate on what is in the photo.

What type of cake? What colour wine?


For your Poppies look up the latin name


TYM6YG lovely photo, what type of apples, what type of bread?


Once you've added a lot more like this and mastered the tagging there will be sales to follow






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I can see the English keywords if I look at the images by clicking on the blue image number instead of the portfolio link.


Very stylish and interesting images.  I agree that adding some more descriptive keywords of what is in the image would be helpful.

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