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So, it snowed overnight, lovely powder snow over an inch thick, which is unusual here.

The sky is blue, usually when we get snow it's the slushy type under a grey sky.

I have a whole day with no commitments, which is unusual for me other than a Sunday.

So why am I not out photographing? As I had a weekday with no commitments, I arranged a furniture delivery, my annual gas service and invited a friend for late lunch.

Enjoy your photography, colleagues.

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3 minutes ago, RedSnapper said:



make some sandwiches...walk and eat and photograph at the same time





:-) I might still be waiting for the gas engineer and the delivery!

Ironically, I'm pretty sure my friend will nip into a local nature reserve for some photography on her way down, which is where I want to be.

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I had all my gear ready, warm clothing laid out, set my alarm for 5am, got up, looked out of the window, nothing. Possibly the only area in the country under a yellow warning for snow, with no snow

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17 hours ago, Matt Ashmore said:

Warm and sunny in my part of the world now. A stroll around outside at lunchtime saw me take pictures of sunny blue skies. A long shot but perhaps someone at a newsdesk would post comparisons of the weather in different parts of The UK! https://goo.gl/ueLZpW


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