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  1. No sales, no zooms, no views

    First of all, it's "kind" to review a post reply before hit "submit" Betty: my name is KODAKovic not KODAKovak. There's no respect coming in one's post and speak about other things, such as protectin' Alamy staff for their behaviour in this case. This is a professional website/agency and me as a 20 years old experience guy workin on IT i'd like to feel free to point out on crystal-clear un-professional methods i'm seeing here about Alamy Measures issue management.
  2. No sales, no zooms, no views

    Alamy Measures is about our future stuff (to be edited or uploaded), not the past. You (we) sell what you've properly done in the past, Measures allows you (us) to sell in the future
  3. No sales, no zooms, no views

    Second and third point of your list are off-topic. About 3 separate issues to be solved, is this business or amateur-level website to show personal pics to friends and parents?
  4. No sales, no zooms, no views

    46 images probably would have no views, zooms or sales even when Measures will come up again. You need more images to make realiable stats of your port
  5. No sales, no zooms, no views

    upgrading on live servers is very un-professional
  6. No sales, no zooms, no views

    Chuck if it was the end of the world i think i'll go out grabbing it with my camera and i would be absolutely sure it would be a good topic to sell
  7. No sales, no zooms, no views

    Do you plan your shootings or you shoot what you love and then upload?
  8. No sales, no zooms, no views

    PROs consider of the same importance production, commercial and marketing stages. What i mean here is that not only are important Alamy tools for uploading and editing pictures (production) as well as sales (commercial which continue to work properly) but one aspect which is VERY important is marketing (Alamy Measures). Without marketing working fine , sales will decrease rapidly because contributors don't know what's selling, why, which keywords are working fine which others not, which topics are most searched. I can say without doubts that Alamy Measures is the real PLUS of Alamy against micro sites. The real chain for a proper contributors workflow is actually MARKETING --> COMMERCIAL --> PRODUCTION. Without a working marketing area, production is unuseful because it's blind. Alamy, pls consider this Alamy Measures an issue LEVEL 1 (high priority) which means we can't wait 2 weeks to have a solution!
  9. No sales, no zooms, no views

    Bill i guess for some topics customers buy images at the beginning of the year (JAN) then Feb is a "preparation" month for spring season imagery and it's quite slow. I live in Florence, Italy and i know Feb is also the poorest month tourists-speaking , then magazines or catalogues about travel for our city are probably dead in this month (at least the first two weeks)
  10. Post your positive results in 2019 here! :)

    Surprising?! Since the beginning i'm here on Alamy (3 yrs ago) i was checking within my magazines which are the sources of every image and always found Alamy as well as Getty or Redux. I suspect NG buys images from Alamy (and many others) from the film era.
  11. Alamy measures

    Conspiracy? Who said it 's a conspiracy?
  12. No sales, no zooms, no views

    DD, better remove your "future" eyeglasses. It's obviously no zooms falling down an indicator of goin' out of business. 60%-40% cut or Alamy having a micro agency sales model ARE (these are indicator)
  13. Alamy measures

    On my company we're supporting 5000 users (IT helpdesk). When more than 500 users have an work-blocking-issue it's called P1 (maximum priority affecting VIP users). Elicopters and firefighters (every specialists you have in mind) come in and stay 24/7 here 'till they didn't solve the issue. Now for Alamy Measures we have here THOUSANDS of users (contributors) affected and we can't work without Alamy Measures because it's our main marketing/sales source for working on our pictures. Did Alamy write a Tweet at least?
  14. No sales, no zooms, no views

    Which insights could you show to say this?
  15. Odd Alamy Measures

    Stipe , Alamy Measures panel issues have nothing to do with "reliable" (uptime/network) servers. They probably 're doin' updates on the live-website instead of test ones or may be they've issues with importing tools (data from sales/web servers to Alamy servers)