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  1. That's it?!

    If you refer to this little big G agency it has been discussed a lot on their forum. If it's not Big B may be they're following the same footsteps
  2. Share your RM vs RF sales

    To better understand RM vs RF battle i'd like to share my 2018 sales: - $$$ RM sales: 35% of total year revenues - $$ RM sales: 60% - $ RM sales: 5% I just started to sell RF on Alamy so i dont't have any sales at the moment . What's yours?
  3. Keywording

    Joseph, specific locations don't need to be included on keywords as they're already retrieved from Captions and, for internally Alamy purposes from the Location field on the Optional tab.
  4. Stock photography, how to move to video footage

    to me, often policemans ask what i'm doing using a tripod without authorization is not allowed on public squares, some of them remember this sometimes lol
  5. #Alamypicneeds done... now what happens?

    Thanks, did you do it in the past the same way?
  6. Following one of the Twitter advice on #Alamypicneeds this weekend i did some shots and sent by LiveNews. Got published in a few hours. Now is there a way to let buyers i followed their request and gain some sales ? Niche shots actually
  7. Quiet out there

    Lisa, nice Job! Do you do a lot of marketing (researching) ?
  8. Geoff, i donìt personally believe in luck. When someone do hard working (pseudo in that case) it pays always
  9. How was your March 2018?

    BME here, 587$
  10. Churches and Historical Sites in Italy

    Red arrows remain a mistery but may be someone can't resist
  11. Churches and Historical Sites in Italy

    I live in Florence-Italy and...yes, i've sold a pic of my city last week for 3 figures $$$ but.... a sunset silhouette with various churches and monuments. Picture of common landmarks aren't selling, i wouldn't waste my time uploading OP lol
  12. May be you're right. When i started using pseudos in a different way my sales went up by 250%
  13. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Last night i had a fabolous $580 sale!! RM A very "normal" shot taken in a "non" normal moment... lucky Love you Alamy ... that's why i enjoy staying here Just want to help others with my new workflow, which is ALL about pseudos: 1) One "unedited" pseudo 2) Edited pics (keywords+captions optimized) 3) Hot pics (pics belonging to the #4 pseudo search) 4) Zoomed and Sold pics Since i started this workflow (1 month ago) my zooms and sales grew exponentially
  14. pseudonym: one or many ???

    Lorenza, i'm from Italy and my name is Lorenzo About pseudos at the moment i've 4 , following some great advices given on this great forum. 1) Zoomed and Sold images (meant to be the Top Performer in terms of CTR) 2) Interesting Topics (meant to have all the pictures belonging to a topic which is somehow zoomed or sold) 3) Edited (meant to contain all keywords/caption optimized pictures) 4) RAW (meant to have low performing and un-edited pictures in terms of keywording/captions/other relevant infos) My zooms and sales increased since i started these 4 pseudos (1 month)