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  1. This post let me think, as in the same boat of me.. 're you succeeding guys making often use of AoA to get better trends which sale?
  2. Indeed, the last 20 pages of your port is Alamy Live News.... is this the secret of your success here?
  3. So i'd say it's more correct my sales are no longer trending after the acquisition i guess. I'm not uploading since that , may be they changed algo and new uploads affect more than in the past ?
  4. Don't you find strange after Covid-19 and acquisition of Alamy my sales went to complete 0 since March?
  5. I found my RM sales completely stucked after agency acquisition. I don't have a sale since that period when Alamy has been bought by PM-something.... I guess RM files are not pushed in the same manner as before.... Should i switch my files to RF? Any other experience that way?
  6. Last week zooms (and therefore CTR) are improving a lot on my case. Did they change algo? What's your experience?
  7. i know it's not much for most of you guys, but May is my BME with 189$ gross .. happy with it. i'm seeing an improvement since i converted back all my pics to RM ...don't know if it's related or not but i cannot regret my choice
  8. Whenever i did myself, i started to sell "old" $$$ like 105$ RM (today, b&w image)
  9. Sold today 105$ RM for a television show after about 2 months quite dry (a pic of my mom...the fabolous 60s)
  10. Thats normal , it's the reason because i tried to convert them all to RF but my test failed
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