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  1. No, these RFs are not exclusive to Alamy
  2. Thats normal , it's the reason because i tried to convert them all to RF but my test failed
  3. What is strange to me is that my zooms increased when i changed to RF but sales decreased. My conclusion is that potential buyers were interested to those pics but at the end they didn't buy 'cause RF was not so appealing. Am i wrong?
  4. It seems my total revenues on Alamy started to decline as soon as i converted quite all my pics to RF. I only left some pics to RM whose are the ones which sell better at the moment. Anyone experiencing the same?
  5. May i suggest you to create an AirBnB experience? https://www.airbnb.com/s/experiences They work well and you can do from your home
  6. https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-young-woman-secretary-while-working-on-her-desk-in-a-typical-1970s-94849389.html My mom in her best days :) RM, $20
  7. i supposed this was a typical italian behaviour, but i was wrong
  8. Marb even though i agree with you it's a terrible start (at least for some of us) of the month, stats have a mathematical sense if done at the end of the same timeframe (let's wait March 31st). As i pointed out previously i guess Alamy Measures issue affected somehow our image visibility (again, at least for some of us). Im very happy there are people who're doin' very well on March and also did on Feb... our situation instead seems to be a disaster also considering we behave as in the past, so normally
  9. wme ,i'm happy i don't rely anymore on stock photography. i re-discovered the "fun-joy" of making pics for myself
  10. Which are the benefits of this new upgrade? Removing image count? OMG
  11. My theory of FEB low month for sales is that not just Measures had issues but something else which affected images visibility. I read many had great sales so it could be just me and few others. Also, this month sales could also be images put on lightboxes some months ago then bought this month. It's just a theory of course, Alamy didn't clarify in details what happened. Views, Zooms are back to normal btw
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