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October Challenge - Time To Vote


October Challenge - time to vote  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose from:

    • Michael G - Zzzzzzz - KGDFW4
    • Vpics - Furnished With Love - G34TN8
    • Olivier Parent - The Balloon's Gone Up - JJDMW5
    • Sally - Colourful Trio - PCENWA
    • Michael Ventura - Kissy Kissy - DCG05X
    • APH Perspective - Witch is Witch - MKE96B
    • SHPG - Dad's Army - EN2N0W
    • Stokie - Flag Race - F9FHWD
    • Doc - Behind the Mask - C1A3X0
    • Wiskerke - You've Been Tango'd - CP2FPY

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  • Poll closed on 01/11/18 at 00:00

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Yikes! What a job choosing this months selection - I could have picked at least twice this number!
So many potential winners submitted over the course of the month, my hearty thanks to everyone for taking part. Sorry if your photo isn't amongst these - I've finally got this down to 10 possibles, now it's over to you to choose this month's winner - choices are ....


Michael G - Zzzzzzz - KGDFW4

Lady laying on a chair covers her face to protect from the strong midday sun on a Keel beach in Keel, Achill Island, Stock Photo




Vpics - Furnished With Love - G34TN8

London, UK. 8 June 2016. A model walks the runway showcasing the fashion collection by Ramlah Wraich from the University Stock Photo



Olivier Parent - The Balloon's Gone Up - JJDMW5

Musilac summer festival in Aix-les-Bains (France) Stock Photo




Sally - Colourful Trio - PCENWA

Photocall for Fresh Clownsss of UniverSoul Circus, Princes St Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK during Fringe Festival Stock Photo




Michael Ventura - Kissy Kissy - DCG05X

USA California CA Los Angeles L.A. LA Venice Beach black man with many piercings outside the Freak Show Stock Photo



APH Perspective - Witch is Witch - MKE96B

colourfully dressed street performer part of a jazz festival procession dressed up as a witch dancing in the street of ballydehob, ireland Stock Photo



SHPG - Dad's Army - EN2N0W

Bicester Home Guard group at the 5th Sunday Brunch Scramble in Bicester Heritage, Oxfordshire, England Stock Photo



Stokie - Flag Race - F9FHWD

A man dressed from head to foot in Union Jack flags London England UK Stock Photo



Doc - Behind the Mask - C1A3X0

A model (masquerader) posing under the arches in St Marks Square, Venice Carnival, Venice Italy Stock Photo



Wiskerke - You've Been Tango'd - CP2FPY

Amsterdam portrait of a happy young man with orange face paint on Kingsday Kings Day. Netherlands Holland Stock Photo


Voting closes at midnight GMT on the 31st Oct, winner on the 1st Nov.


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