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  2. Not creepy. I was thinking along the same lines.......enough said......OH was born in 1951, so we're talking about someone who is hopefully still with us. And, more to the point, probably owns the copyright!
  3. If it had turned out to be a Southend address I could have used an old style analogue walk. Ping me an @ if that would be helpful at any time.
  4. Have a look at my post in QC and Technical support forum. Ive found out what caused it for me, and it might offer you a solution.
  5. Amazing photo. And loved the story to go with it too. Thanks for sharing it!
  6. I've done all four to varying degrees. I originally shot art for myself - took darkroom classes at ICP while I was practicing law in Manhattan because I needed the creative break from my day job. When I left law to work as a freelance writer, though I was mostly doing corporate and marketing communications, I also wrote for local and regional publications was asked to illustrate my articles, then started getting hired to also shoot other articles, got some covers for a local magazine, then local businesses started hiring me. Along the way I learned about stock, which I also license
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  8. first sale of month on the second is always nice. Upper $$ is also good Country: Worldwide (billing US) Usage: Magazines and books ; Start: 02-December-2020 ; End: 02-December-2025 ; Additional Details: Use in a magazine or book (print or digital), inside use, 2,500 circulation, worldwide for 5 years (excludes advertising); Statue of d'Artagnan in Auch, captured between rain showers at end of a short Camino day of 15km into town...
  9. I think you know the answer to that! 😎 I met the bookshop owner. She was on her way out, "to buy some more books"...
  10. I bet they prefer Off-Duty archivist
  11. There's a lot of negativity happening right now. However . . . my spending in November was well below my monthly income. 😲
  12. Double knockout!! One for Ali the other for Neil! Phil
  13. I had never seen this picture before. Literally its a knockout https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2020/dec/02/muhammad-ali-cleveland-williams-neil-leifers-best-photograph
  14. Yes, saw that. Thanks. There is a thread about is on the forum somewhere.
  15. Three architectural image sold today, low-mid $$ Country: China Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic Print run: up to 10,000 Placement: Inside One is:
  16. Hey Sally, thanks for your kind words! I'm actually quite shy, but when I'm in work mode that kind of disappears, especially if the pressure's on to get sellable pics. You should try news, perhaps soft stories at first to get a handle of stuff. If you've any questions, send me an email, although there are far better press shooters than me on here.
  17. What you are doing is entirely wrong and that is why you have no sales Hundred of nonedescript photos of autumnal trees and flowers which you can find in any agency by the thousands You put in lots of spam keywords for example in your lobster photos you have crab, crabs, crawfish, crayfish, macro (which they are not) The more poor keywords you add the more it will impact your images search relevance which reduces your images ability to shown to buyers. Don't fall in the trap that a lot of people/stock submitters think which is to add irrelevant k
  18. I've done some digging. Either Google has changed recaptcha or Alamy has modified their code to do more tracking of contributors. My problem was down to a privacy add-in I run on Firefox. If I disable it no problem. If I enable it I can't login to the Dashboard. This is new behaviour, only happening in the last 24 hours or so. So I'd like to know who's made the change. Own up Alamy if it is you. The privacy add-in is blocking three trackers at Dashboard sign-in: - googletagmanager.com - google.com - d.impactradius-event.com I'm
  19. Similar story here on the BBC website... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-54175441 ...thought you might find it interesting if you've not seen it already.
  20. I haven't seen recaptcha for quite some time. I always have to log on to enter My Alamy. I use a PC and the Firefox browser. No recaptcha for me.
  21. Slow steady improvement. Year to date is very healthy. Wasn't expecting to be in this position in March, thanks Alamy.
  22. For all the "Autumn colors in the park", identify the trees. "yellow leaves on an elm" or something like that. Include the kind of tree in your keywords. Your photos aren't bad, but most of them also don't really stand out. Search for pictures of squirrels, and compare yours to what else is available. See if you can find a new, more interesting way to show a squirrel. It's not JUST numbers that get sales, you have to hone your craft. Pay closer attention to lighting and composition. Look for better angles. Pick only the best to submit. Re
  23. Typical Google anti-trust behaviour. If I sign in to Alamy via Chrome rather than Firefox no recaptcha - I just then let Google steal all my private information. It's time government got Google under control. Meanwhile Alamy can do us all a fovour and get rid of recaptcha.
  24. Am not going to post family name or any more research here for the moment. But looks like I have found a birth in Romford 1948, a possible marriage, and a couple of possible electoral addresses including one in Suffolk. Might all seem to be a bit creepy......so will keep things quiet and not post details here.
  25. Please please please please Alamy get rid of this nonsense!!!!!!!!! I've wasted an hour today and hundreds of clicks and the ************ thing won't let me in. This is simply not good enough. GET RID OF IT.
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