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Have you found any Alamy images in July 2018?

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Guardian online

P9FX9Y Stelian Porojnicu white pelicans and seagulls in flight. Danube Delta, Romania
P86403 Rebecca Cole UK wildlife: Harvestman (Phalangium sp.) carrying phoretic or parasitic mites
P91JWE or P91K0A Julia Gavin An orange butterfly on purple flowers at Bushy Park
P8JJH2 Terry Sohl Gold Dust Day Gecko on an agave plant.



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Cheers Kumar

20/07/2018, Guardian, p1, dry grass at Greenwich, P9M6CM, amer ghazzal [via Live News]
20/07/2018, Guardian, p25, Apple - 'Redlove' variety, DRAKEJ, Bailey-Cooper Photography
20/07/2018, Guardian, p36, Cau restaurant, E6MX2R, somewhere else [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
20/07/2018, Guardian [Journal section], p10, Edna Adan, BMTJAT, Liba Taylor
20/07/2018, Guardian [Journal section], p11, Independance monument Hargeisa Somaliland, B7JXFN, Mike Greenslade


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El País El Viajero 13.07.2018

CTTNA2 Susana Guzman  Covachos beach in Cantabria


El País El Viajero 20.07.2018

J03XH6 Stefano Valeri Scenic coastline at Cabo de Mar, between Llanes and Ribadesella, Asturias, northern Spain

M0CY21 JUAN CARLOS MUÑOZ Dunas de Corrubedo Natural Park,La Coruña, Galicia, Spain, Europe

KTF2R4 Luis Dafos Travellers looking at the sunset at the Loiba cliffs (Acantilados de Loiba) Coruña province, Galicia, Spain, Europe

B7511C frans lemmens New Zealand, North Island, Wellington, Te Papa Museum.


Edited by Abiyoyo
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Autumn 2018, RSPB Magazine, Front Cover, corncrake, H6Y433, Nigel Blake
Autumn 2018, RSPB Magazine, pp14-15, dotterel on Norfolk coast, KJBN4B, David Tipling Photo Library [Flipped L-R. Alamy credit only]
Autumn 2018, RSPB Magazine, p15, grey plover, G12GP4, Ivan Kuzmin [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
Autumn 2018, RSPB Magazine, p15, painted lady butterfly, DKF93C, Frank Teigler/Premium Stock Photography GmbH [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
Autumn 2018, RSPB Magazine, p15, goldcrest, BJ25T2, Duncan Usher [Alamy credit only]
Autumn 2018, RSPB Magazine, pp28-29, Manx shearwater flying over rough sea, DY8EPF, tony mills
Autumn 2018, RSPB Magazine, p31, storm petrel, DJ1B5D, PAUL R. STERRY/Nature Photographers Ltd [Cutout. Alamy credit only]
Autumn 2018, RSPB Magazine, p33, Ramsey Island, ABA2F7, Peter Barritt [Alamy credit only]
Autumn 2018, RSPB Magazine, p33, aerial view of Lundy Island, ETY7WP, Paul White Aerial views [Alamy credit only]
Autumn 2018, RSPB Magazine, p33, puffins on Shiant Isles, KW5D4G, Jim Richardson/National Geographic Creative [Alamy credit only]
Autumn 2018, RSPB Magazine, p33, Gough Island, H7PXGA, Tui De Roy/ Minden Pictures [Alamy credit only]
Autumn 2018, RSPB Magazine, p58, newts, DEENKW, Clement Philippe/Arterra Picture Library [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
Autumn 2018, RSPB Magazine, p68, young girl in shop, E3K461, Stockbroker/MBI [Cropped. Alamy credit only]

ISSN:  2054-3433

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Fünf Geheimtipps für Berlin
Five insider tips for Berlin


Treptower Park, alt Stralau and the Spree at dawn.
MMBGWP Mauritius Images / Claudio de Sat / Alamy RM


Berlin. Germany. Exhibition on Bornholmer Straße next to Bösebrücke marking the events of 9 November 1989. Bornholmer Straße was the first East German
JCBAX1 Mauritius Images / © Adam Eastland / Alamy RM


Boxhagener Platz, young people relaxing in Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany
J41N7G  Mauritius Images / travelstock44 (Juergen Held) / Alamy RM

Dieses Dorf genießt wohl den besten Blick auf den Ätna
This village probably enjoys the best view of Etna


Etna view from Cesarò, sunset, Messina, Sicily, Italy, Europe
E3R7W9 Mauritius Images / Domenico Piccione / Alamy RM

Edited by DDoug
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Times 21st


Young girl texting with blurred sea in background - can't find it

MXMK1M   lolostock  senior man is relaxing at home with a mug of tea - couple similar

PA1DA3    Builth Wells, Powys, UK. 20th July 2017. A man helps a child with an umbrella in Builth Wells High Street. After a sunny start, rain arrives in Builth Wells in powys, UK. © Graham M. Lawrence/Alamy Live News.

MY4YN0   Nadia Yong Beach Safety Sign

CN4H29   P Tomlins   Discarded plastic bottles attached to a wire mesh fence highlight the need for more recycling of precious materials

BT6K3J  Tim Woodcock  Pigs foraging for acorns in the New Forest under the ancient law of pannage or mast

PA17NW    Weymouth, Dorset, UK. 20th July 2018. UK Weather. Greenhill Chalets at the seaside resort of Weymouth in Dorset on a warm settled sunny morning. Picture Credit: Graham Hunt/Alamy Live News

PA17JR     Tate Modern. London. UK 20 July 2018 - Staff members look at a colourful canvas created in collaboration with New York graffiti artist Lady Pink, one of which will be on display in the UK for the first time. Jenny HolzerÕs work is the latest in a series of annual free displays in the Artist Rooms at Tate Modern which opens to the public on Monday 23 July 2018. Jenny Holzer (b.1950) is renowned for bold, text-based installations that incorporate diverse media and a pioneering use of electronic technologies. Credit: Dinendra Haria/Alamy Live News

BM52E6 Alex Segre  Rows of tinned food, England, Britain, UK


Scottish Edition


KYH7KN Iain Masterton View of wind turbines at Whitelee Windfarm in East Renfrewshire operated by Scottish power, Scotland, United Kingdom

JFEXP2 Clement Philippe  British FW3/24 bunker from World War Two at Keiss village overlooking Sinclairs Bay, Caithness, Scotland, UK

D58YKA  Matt Limb Saint Mary's Church Eskadale, Beauly, Scotland - Burial place of Lord Lovat on The Lovat Estate

A young equestrian in Kelso got all dressed up as Common Riding celebrations continued. The festivals in Border towns attract crowds of tourists
CHRIS STRICKLAND/ALAMY - lapsed live news?

PA1ARR Victoria and Albert Museum. London. UK 20 July 2018 - Fashion in Motion by Holly Fulton a fashion show at Victoria and Albert Museum showcases models wearing colourful pieces by the award winning designer. Born in Scotland, Holly studied in Edinburgh before going on to the prestigious Masters at the Royal College of Art. She established her eponymous label in 2009 and has been awarded numerous accolades including a British Fashion Award, ELLE New Designer and several Scottish Fashion Awards including Innovator of the Year 2016. Credit: Dinendra Haria/Alamy Live News




BC6W19  Agencja FREE  Family with piggy bank

K2WJKR  Russell Hart  An HM Revenues & Customs letterhead surrounded by new £1 coins and a £5 note.

KCNR6W  Aleksandr Davydov  Confused worried woman looks through papers sitting on sofa at home, having problem with documents, found mistake in account statements, frustrated by




C5EDXG  Tim Gainey  Helenium 'Waltraut' . Sneezeweed flowers

H4GKTR LianeM  Taglilie Bela Lugosi - daylily of the species Bela Lugosi in summer - 3 similar

A0GX3T John Glover Crocosmia Lucifer

DYND36  Kay Truepenny  Fading flower heads of Helenium 'Riverton Beauty'

FJ6BCJ  blickwinkel Yarrow, Common yarrow (Achillea millefolium 'Paprika', Achillea millefolium Paprika), cultivar Paprika, Netherlands

BE3WP6  Florapix   Day Lily "Stafford" (Hemerocallis fulva), Hemerocallidaceae, Caucasus, China, Japan, Russia

P6HYF5 John Glover  Melianthus major honey flower at Old Erringham Cottage in Sussex

AKA1XK John Glover  Chiff Chaffs Dorset English Lavender Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote by path





Boats moored by the shore Vis Croatia - can't find it

Edited by Bryan
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Found in the Guardian by Adie




Aerial drone panoramic view of Sea to Sky Highway during a bright summer day. Taken North of Vancouver, British Stock Photo


Aerial drone panoramic photograph of Sea to Sky Highway during a bright summer day. Taken North of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Photographer: Edgar Bullon / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: M66EK0

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Found in the Sun by Adie




Marmaris Old Town and Harbour, Muğla, Turkey Stock Photo


Photograph of Marmaris Old Town and Harbour, Muğla, Turkey

Photographer: Roy Conchie / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: CRA4AB

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Guardian online

DAEB1A blickwinkel/Bala Blue globe thistle (Echinops bannaticus), blooming
DD9GMW Peter D Noyce Two Guardia Urbana Policemen policing the La Rambla, Barcelona.
DPTRT0 parkerphotography "Pickpockets love tourists" warning sign for tourists. Barri Gotic. Barcelona. Spain
M66EK0 Edgar Bullon Aerial drone panoramic view of Sea to Sky Highway
F81AGA  GRANT ROONEY PREMIUM Tourists Eating At Cafes & Restaurants In The Turkish Resort Of Marmaris


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USA, National Geographic Traveler magazine, Aug/Sep 2018 issue


Mantle's Cave, Colorado USA, Dan Leeth




Kumu Art Museum, Estonia, (cropped to a vertical) HEMIS




Ulemiste, Estonia, Alex Polo




Kadriorg Park, Tallinn, Estonia, (cropped to a vertical)  Igor Sokolov




Illustration of Humboldt, Falkensteinfoto




Venus Castle, Sicily, Italy (two page spread), Visions of Earth




Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, Provence, France, robertharding




Monsaraz, Portugal, Magdalena Paluchowska




Donggung Palace, South Korea, HEMIS






Edited by Michael Ventura
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USA, Washingtonian magazine, August 2018 issue


Pg. 17, Spotted Lanternfly (cut out), GH Photos




Pg. 17, Hogweed, Richard Griffin


Pg. 37, Sean Spicer (cut out), Zuma Press




Pg. 43, DC Metro station sign (digitally altered to read Potomac Yard), Radharc Images




Pg. 60, Rep Dan Burton with Barbara Comstock, Congressional Quarterly 








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21/07/2018, Guardian [Review section], p8, Bronte Parsonage, MW8HH5, Graham Hardy
21/07/2018, Guardian [Review section], p13, Native American dancers, GDWG78, David Jennings
21/07/2018, Guardian [Review section], p19, honeybee, credited to Alamy but I can't find it
21/07/2018, Guardian [Review section], p13, Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier, CP6NC2, DEA / W. BUSS/Universal Images Group North America LLC / DeAgostini [Alamy credit only]
21/07/2018, Guardian [Review section], p34, Blackwater River, ACGTXA, Christopher McGowan
21/07/2018, Guardian [Review section], p35, Empire Windrush, J4Y0KC, Contraband Collection [Alamy credit only]
21/07/2018, Guardian [Magazine], p6, student with backp[ack jumping, CCDMHP, Christopher Nuzzaco [Alamy credit only]
21/07/2018, Guardian [Magazine], p55, blue globe thistles, DAEB1A, Bala/blickwinkel [Cropped & cutout. Alamy credit only]
21/07/2018, Guardian [Magazine], p57, Ramsbottom, EEWMKY, martin berry [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
21/07/2018, Guardian [Travel section], Front cover, Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway, M3MHM8, M3MHMA or M3MHM9, lukas bischoff [Can't tell which]
21/07/2018, Guardian [Travel section], p3, Sea to Sky Highway north of Vancouver, M66EK0, Edgar Bullon [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
21/07/2018, Guardian [Travel section], p4, Český Krumlov, credited to Alamy but I can't find it
21/07/2018, Guardian [Travel section], p6, Hoddevik in Norway, CC90K0, EnhancedPhoto [Alamy credit only]
21/07/2018, Guardian [Travel section], p8, fields & vineyards in Romagna, KBRFH2, Claudio Giovanni Colombo [Cropped]
21/07/2018, Guardian [Travel section], p8, delicatessen in Bologna, FYE5GD, Konstantin Kalishko [Cropped]
21/07/2018, Guardian, p14, Caldey Abbey, CTY9BX, Nathan King [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
21/07/2018, Guardian, p42, Marmaris, F81AGA, GRANT ROONEY PREMIUM [Alamy credit only]
21/07/2018, Guardian, p43, police patrolling Las Ramblas, DD9GMW, Peter D Noyce [Alamy credit only]
21/07/2018, Guardian, p43, 'Pickpockets Love Tourists' graffiti, DPTRT0, parkerphotography [Alamy credit only]
21/07/2018, Guardian, p44, young girl serving in bar, ECYN7W, keith morris [Alamy credit only]
21/07/2018, Guardian, p46, designer kitchen, EH9MXK, Alistair Nicholls/Arcaid Images [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
21/07/2018, Guardian [JournaL section], p10, David Goldblatt, ANHRN8, Eva-Lotta Jansson / [Alamy credit only]


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Sunday Times 22nd


EFH6X8   Alexander Melnikov  hands behind bars

C7NT7T  IAN MARLOW  Iconic Metropolitan Police HQ sign.

D8JKPX   CW Images  Barafundle Bay Pembroke Pembrokeshire Wales

D51T93  dpa   A flight attendant holds a transparent bag with liquids at the Cologne-Bonn airport in Cologne, Germany, 28 September 2010. 

EAB6GE    UrbanZone Four remote control devices and tv

P7P27K    Tim Gainey  Dry brown parched grass in a summer heatwave with a hose pipe. UK

B4W89J    Trinity Mirror / Mirrorpix   A Postman hides behind a wall scared of a Great Dane dog leaning on fence Dogs funny Guard Dog Postmen dogs July 1981


Scottish Edition


mother and a child holding hands - over 3000 of these!

CBCBAM  Cultura Creative (RF)   Chef holding salmon by lake


Irish Edition


haveseen Couple on a tropical beach

BWTCE0 MBI Senior Woman On Running Machine In Gym

MPCYH9   JoeFox  L learner driver plate on rear of a car in ireland

HXP14N Kumar Sriskandan Gender Neutral WC sign, Cambridge England UK

FAYR2P  jean-paul chassenet  lab technician hand planting a petri dish

Red Arrows - 30,000 of these

BYADA4 Katja Kreder  Torbole on Lake Garda, Trentino, Italy, Europe

J47AMJ trekkerimages Stairs at El Matador State Beach in Malibu California.

HWDMMK  Image Source Three friends standing in sea, holding surfboards, preparing to surf




Empire state building etc sunrise/set from top of Rock - can't find it

Edited by Bryan
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