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Excessive Similiars

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How weird is that? Very.

I do sets that have different looks to them. I can’t help but think a mistake was made unless Alamy has started a new rule we are unaware of.

To me, similars need to be studied to find minute differences. First glance, they look the same.


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26 minutes ago, geogphotos said:

I also failed for the first time in ages ( May 2015) but it was a fair cop - for CA. :wacko:


I've seen a lot worse on the Alamy homepage.

Been there, served the time for that.

Ticked the box in LR.

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2 hours ago, Southpole said:

I have not failed QC for about 4 years until today with excessive similiars I only uploaded 3 images

Similiar - 4 shots of a seagull on a post but each framed differently - post on left right or centre of shot, gull looking in different directions. Failed for excessive similiars which didnt seem right. “Sticker” also said “noise” which I could maybe just about see. Interesting to see these other comments though. Someone new/over zealous in the QC team?

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Since I joined I had one semi QC fail - Image was less than 6MPix.

Fortunately this did not lead to the sin bin, but the batch was reported as QC failed and that had some effect on my heart rate 

Since then checking the size is on my checklist.  

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29 minutes ago, fotoDogue said:

I thought the "recommended maximum" was five.


That was my understanding as well. There can be downsides to submitting very small batches, though. When submitting a small batch (< 10 images), I always try to make sure that the images are all of different subjects. I might include a vertical and a horizontal of the same subject. That's about it.


But then I still have  PSBSD (Post Sin-Bin Stress Disorder). :D

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Probably worth an email to contributor services to inquire.. if nothing else then to inquire about the current thinking from Alamy as to how this rule is applied? It could be a genuine mistake. There was another email thread a day or two ago about someone failing QC because there was no metadata... but this is only required for first-time submissions. That time an email to contributor services fixed the situation!

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