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Have you found any Alamy photos May 2017

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The Sun (UK)


The Sun (UK)

From the Live News Feed

17 May 2017

UK Weather



Hailsham,UK.16th May 2017.UK weather. A juvenile Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) begs for food from an adult on a bright sunny morning in Hailsham,East Sussex,UK

Credit: Ed Brown/Alamy Live News

Image ID: J562PT 





Thanks for the spot Lisa

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Telegraph  Online  18/05/17

AY64FT    Simon Grosset    Cooper Pedy Australia Center of Opal mining

H04EDM   blickwinkel   Dom iMberg Austria

FKDBNH   Nicholas Han   The Dome of Light at Formosa Boulevard Station

F1PW24    Vassiliy Kochetkov    Unique image of Puerto Princesa subterranean underground river from inside


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May 2017, UK, Waitrose Garden, p9, bumble bee on Echinops, BCFY80, Tim Gainey [Alamy credit only]
May 2017, UK, Waitrose Garden, p37, Lupinus 'The Chatelaine', BCFY80, Tim Gainey [Alamy credit only]
May 2017, UK, Waitrose Garden, p120, Haworth High Street, ERMM60, John Potter [Alamy credit only]
May 2017, UK, Waitrose Garden, p120, Shambles in York, C8ETBY, robertharding [Alamy credit only]
May 2017, UK, Waitrose Garden, p121, Bronte Parsonage Museum sign, A844XG, MSP Travel Images [Alamy credit only]
May 2017, UK, Waitrose Garden, p122, Lister Arms in Malham, EX23TD, geogphotos [Alamy credit only]

ISSN:  2043-815X

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The Sun (UK)

18 MAY 2017



Billingham Chemical Complex from St Cuthberts Tower, Billingham, England

Image ID: DRH18M  

Contributor: John Devlin / Alamy Stock Photo
Close up of glass of beer
Image ID: C7JRFE  
Contributor: Cultura Creative (RF) / Alamy Stock Photo
Contributor: Zac Macaulay
pay online
Image ID: DWJEEB  
Contributor: Anna Berkut / Alamy Stock Photo
From the Live News Feed:
London, UK. 17th May, 2017. UK weather. Tourists stroll through a downpour in Chinatown, London.
Credit: Ed Brown/Alamy Live News :)
Image ID: J56DMT
Fortuneswell, Portland, UK. 17th May, 2017. UK Weather. Heavy rain and low cloud in Fortuneswell, Portland
Credit: stuart fretwell/Alamy Live News
Image ID: J56B3X  
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The Sun (UK)

17 May 2017



internet security concept

Image ID: EN0B5C  

Contributor: Anna Berkut / Alamy Stock Photo




Jennifer Blumin The Humane Society of the United States host 'Chefs For Seals' held at the Skylight West event venue. New York City, USA 

Image ID: DBK2A3  

Contributor: WENN Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo




The Sun (UK)

18 May 2017 continued



British grown vegetables in Union Jack logo box, England, UK

Image ID: DBHTJC  

Contributor: paul weston / Alamy Stock Photo
Immigration - Terminal 5 - Heathrow Airport - London
Image ID: C440HE  
Contributor: Robert Stainforth / Alamy Stock Photo
Ryanair Boeing 737-800 taxiing for departure from Malta
Image ID: D106CX  
Contributor: Charles Polidano / Touch The Skies / Alamy 
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The Sun (UK)

18 May 2017 continued



suncream for sale in menorca

Image ID: BT97KT  
Contributor: veryan dale / Alamy Stock Photo
Elderly patient in her nineties diagnosed with cancer in NHS hospital in England, UK
Image ID: EECRPJ  
Contributor: Islandstock / Alamy Stock Photo
The Sun (UK)
17 May 2017
aerial view of HM Prison Frankland & Long Newton Prison, County Durham, UK
Image ID: E6P70K  
Contributor: A.P.S. (UK) / Alamy Stock Photo
USS Cyclops N13451
Image ID: HG0R9G  
Contributor: PJF Military Collection / Alamy Stock Photo
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From the Live News Feed:
London, UK. 17th May, 2017. UK weather. Tourists stroll through a downpour in Chinatown, London.
Credit: Ed Brown/Alamy Live News :)
Image ID: J56DMT



Thanks again Lisa, unusual to have people in my pictures!

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Guardian online

CP0A0P  blickwinkel/Fieber common earthworm
H5K36T  Raymond Warren A large male wild koala poses on an gum tree in Australia
C5K0DX PRISMA ARCHIVO Albania. Drymades Beach
DR1XF3  AGF Srl/Vittorio Valletta Punta Prosciutto beach
A6HBPP Stelios Matsagos/IML Image Group Nas beach view Ikaria
F5EJF5  Iain Sharp The Taverna Metapontis, in Nimborio bay
AG02AM Wayne Linden Stoupa,Greece
E0F9AM  eye35.pix Windsurfer on Martinhal beach
DHE490 Nick Upton Limoniastrum monopetalum
AEADN2 Jack Hobhouse Beach at En Vau Calanque
A42NGY Les. Ladbury  One of the local beaches at Platja d Aro
J26NFY IndustryAndTravel The Isla de Lobos in Fuerteventura

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Countryfile magazine – June 2017

P14 – Pierreport Farm – ERRBDGJulian Earles
P18/19 – Chatsworth House – DYDC49Loop Images Ltd
P22 – Haddon Hall, Derbyshire – D24WTY – Joseph Parker
P22 – Lancaster bomber over Derwent reservoir – D8TK4G – Peter Brogden
P23 – View from Norman Castle, Haddon Hall – FWF6F1 – travelbild
P24 – Plague cottages, Eyam – C3WW3X – eye35
P24 – Tissington Hall – BDECHB – Mark Richardson
P26 – Bakewell Old House Museum – C5DD4D – Betty Finney
P26 – Throwley Old Hall – DJ4893 – DIGITAL-FOTOfusion Gallery
P26 – Tissington Hall – BDECJX – Mark Richardson
P26 – Haddon Hall – B3YY6C – Raymond Boswell
P28 – Peveril Castle – CF47CN (cropped) - Alex Hare
P28 – Old Hall, Buxton – C6W643 – Peter Scholey
P38 – Lews Castle, Stornaway – H8KW9R – archaeo images
P38 – Deer Shed Festival – E5GBB2 – Maria Jefferis
P38 – Green Man Festival – DCTDCY – Alex Ramsay
P38 – Shrewsbury Folk Festival – DD2PWY – John Bentley
P38 – Festival No 6, Portmeirion – CM1Y6T - Keith Morris
P38 – Cerys Mathews at The Good Life Experience - F5XN1Z (cropped) – WENN Ltd
P52 – Ben Nevis from Allt a Mhuilinn trail – E7PK81 – Keith Fergus
P54 – Black-throated Diver – CTA7FT – mike lane
P54 – Walking trail, Ben Nevis – DOKB4F – Loop Images Ltd
P55 - Steall Waterfall – F6GXK7 – Paul Mogford
P55 - Glen Nevis River Race – CMC13C – Kenny Ferguson
P56 – Skiers, Glencoe – A1BAP1 – Scottish Viewpoint
P63 – Eades Meadow, Worcestershire – DCWXTF – Paul Weston
P77 – Chee Dale Gorge – GY734G – Matthew Taylor
P79 – Lathkill Dale – FD23CH – Martyn Williams
P79 – Manifold Valley – B1DONC – Robert Morris
P79 – Wolfscote Dale – EBRYN4 – Andrew Kearton
P81 – Willy Lott’s Cottage – EAGG1K – Ian Merton
P82 – Glenariff Nature Reserve waterfalls – BDEKKR – Stephen Emerson
P83 – How Stean Gorge – DFR9XA – Peter J. Hatcher
P92 – The Trout Inn, Lechlade – BFJ3TB – Nature Photographers Ltd
P92 – Skelwith Bridge Hotel – CY13NF – John Morrison
P93 – The Pandora Inn – E15J7G – itdabs
P93 – The Cotter Inn – C5CAA3 – Quentin Bargate
P104 – Rural bus service – BRA2OO – Stephen Dorey
P105 – Mildenhall Church – A4XPD4 (cropped) – Rod Edwards
P121 – Simondside Hills – F263M6 – David Taylor Photography
P121 – Canoes on Derwentwater - H35F1J - robertharding

P121 is an advert for July edition, so could be used in both June and July.


credit -  alamy only 

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Anna Yu








Granger Historical Picture Archive




National Geographic Creative




Ariadne Van Zandbergen




Stocktrek Images Inc



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Michael Schroeder




Frans Lemmens












Zoonar GmbH




Universal Art Archive




All Canada Photos







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10 charming American towns that aren't famous yet (but will be soon)


BF21BE Dorothy Alexander / Alamy — RM



FCTJME Mick Flynn / Alamy — RM



B6M0HC Alan Wrigley / Alamy — RM


Thanks for the spot Don.


You're very welcome, Mick.

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The Telegraph, 9 May - 14 statues of inspiring women around Britain.....




No.6 - Violette Szabo -  E467AA - Chris Dorney

No.7 - Louisa Brandreth Aldrich-Blake - HMNK84 - Louise Berk

No.8 - Amy Johnson - J3EAJ2 - Electric Egg

No.10 - Catherine Booth - FGBJAW - Jeffrey Blackler

No.11 - Gracie Fields - H9FY8K - lowefoto ..... me.. :) 

No.13 - Virginia Woolf - D6CEMB - PjrTravel


Edit - I have no idea why that first one has become a link - sometimes this forum seems to have a mind of its own... :wacko:

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Times 19th

ERADN3 Neil Setchfield Welsh laver bread on toast

CEEHK0 David Warren Ray Egan dressed as John Bull protests over the takeover of Cadburys by Kraft outside their premises in Bournville, Birmingham

DENJY0 Our Wild Life Photography Walkers in the glyderau, Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, UK


Times 2


C437FW  John Henshall Winding crown of Rolex Daytona Cosmograph Oyster Perpetual Chronometer 18k gold and steel Swiss chronograph wrist watch JMH4900

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