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Cheers Findlay.

Times 20th

P23 C04FC9  Stefano Politi Markovina The Merlion with the financial district's skyline on the back, Singapore  (No credits)

P35 DJ49B3 Bob Caddick A bright red Royal Mail postbox covered in snow in the Shropshire Hills

P41 H3BT9H Wavebreakmedia Ltd UC22 Florist spraying water on plants

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Guardian online

EXXBEG Kenny Williamson Two electric cars charging on a city street

Telegraph online

FT8HKX Jo Whitworth First Early Potato 'Red Duke of York' freshly dug (cropped)
D7D103  Gary K Smith First early seed potatoes, 'Swift', being chiited in tray
D0KT00 PhotoAlto Potatoes rose roseval  (cropped)
BFP697 Graham Uney  A handful of Potato Arran Victory
BWH3H1 wda bravo Arran Victory potatoes harvest

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Telegraph Online  20/01/17

H8RXPE    robert cicchetti    Crowds of people outside The National Museum of African American History in Washington DC, USA

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Telegraph Online  20/01/17

AGXJC7   BRIAN HARRIS   Sutton Hoo Anglo Saxon burial site near Woodbridge, Suffolk, England
BG43CY    Terry Mathews    Estuary Dawn, Walberswick, Suffolk - England

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Wiltshire Life - Cover (cropped) January 2017 issue




Image ID: BYAKP8  

I believe there is a centre page spread of Castle Combe inside as well (same photographer) but I don't have the magazine so can only go by what it says online: http://www.wiltshirelife.co.uk/public/JAN%2017%20003_CONTENTS.pdf
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20/01/2017, UK, Guardian, p13, High Cross House in Dartington, D7PNE9, Peter Lopeman [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
20/01/2017, UK, Guardian, p13, mural on BHS in Stockport, EDD0E8, Mark Waugh [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
20/01/2017, UK, Guardian, p13, mosaic on BHS in Hull, EME0HE, Andrew Paterson [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
20/01/2017, UK, Guardian, p13, Bootle St Police Station in Manchester, C2E6FC, Mike Robinson [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
20/01/2017, UK, Guardian, p13, Dunelm House in Durham, FR0WWT, Jaime Pharr [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
20/01/2017, UK, Guardian, p30, Goldman Sachs HQ in London, GRK3A2, REUTERS [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
20/01/2017, UK, Guardian, p31, Kit Hill in Cornwall, BD1W9F, David Chapman
20/01/2017, UK, Guardian G2, p4, Kettering High Street, F2X5EK, Greg Balfour Evans [Combined with image of Lindsay Lohan. Alamy credit only]

Also, happened to notice, Out There: Our Post-War Public Art Historic England exhibition in Bessie Surtees house, Newcastle until 31 March 2017 features:
Grade II listed murals by Dorothy Annan on former telephone exchange in Farringdon Road, London, CPR6DW, Jeffrey Blackler [Alamy credit only]

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Telegraph Online  20/01/17

CB9A66    Chris Mole  Autumn in Ashdown Forest, Sussex
AJAFNF    Jim Holden    Pooh Bridge where the game Pooh Sticks originates featured in the stories of Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne

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Alamy Photograph found on the Princeton university website






Photo by Danita Delimont Creative

A fascinating story behind the "fairy rings" there.



I just photographed the fairy circles, I guess I missed that opportunity of having my image sold! 

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Nature's Home: The RSPB Magazine, Spring 2017


P.3 and Newsletter P.2: Robin, AATPP2, Tim Gainey (P.3: cut-out, reversed, no Alamy credit; P.2: cut-out, photographer/Alamy credit)
P.14/15: Stoat in winter fur, D8D0TE, Premium Stock Photography GmbH (Alamy credit only)
P.17: Little gull hovering, ER32A0, Mats Lindberg (cut-out, reversed, full credit)
P.19: Water shrew, BNW5GA, Mike Lane (cropped to square; confused credits)
P.22: Iolo Williams on location, F9ABBP, Greenwales (cropped, Alamy credit only)
Edit to add:
P.31: Cirl bunting, FKY2KY, Simon Knight (cropped to vertical, full credit)
P.34: Cirl bunting, B0MT7R, Mike Lane (cut-out, reversed, full credit)
P.41: Raven in flight, AJEHBP, Andrew Darrington (cut-out, full credit)
P.63: Marsh carpet moth, GNN0XT, Nature Photographers (rotated, full credit)
P.74: White-tailed Sea eagle, E9J9TM, Tim Plowden (cut-out, full credit)
P.74: Clive Anderson, E7PNM5, ZUMA Press, Inc. (cropped, full credit)
P.84: Great tits, CPW7RK, Tim Gainey (cut-out, cropped, full credit)
P.98: Nightingale, DW7KBB, Lisa Geoghegan (cut-out, cropped, reversed, full credit)
P.98: Willow tree, BAT68E, Lynne Evans (cropped, full credit)
P.98: Simon King OBE, BX6BKW, Southwest UK Imaging (cropped, full credit)
+ some others I couldn’t identify.
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Lots of corpse flowers bloomed in 2016 and nobody knows why

GFAYFK Wanda Lotus / Alamy Stock Photo


GFAYFH Wanda Lotus / Alamy Stock Photo



edit: Apparently Wanda got these two sales from a grand total of eight images on Alamy, a result of vanishingly low probability.

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Times 21st

P48 HFW4EA Jansos The Punch Tavern on Fleet Street, London, England (Possibly, a few similar, Alamy credit only)

P76-77 DD73GX  Everett Collection Historical   German civilians crowding around soup pots in Berlin during WW1 in 1916. Due to the Allied blockade, food shortages resulted in

Times Weekend

P18-19 EH5YAD John Richmond Yellow markings distinguish this unusual snowdrop, Galanthus plicatus 'Wendy's Gold'
P19 C5PFPE Tim Gainey Senecio Cineraria 'silver dust'

P26-27 H4GNKA  Pawel Kazmierczak  View of beautiful beach with turquoise sea water in Mykonos port, Mykonos island, Greece

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