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What am I not understanding here?

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Country: Worldwide

Usage: Editorial

Media: Editorial website

Industry sector: Media, design & publishing

Image Size: Any size

Start: 19 October 2016

End: 19 October 2021

Duration: 1 month. Flat rate per image. Bulk discount


Okay, peanuts sale. But what is in the details that makes my share way less than 50%?

So it's peanuts. I want more than one and a half nuts to eat. More like a bit more than 2 1/2 nuts.


Never mind. Distributor. ????

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I got two of those as well.

I suppose anything on the web is worldwide, even if the customer sells through a distributor.

I get web sales to Serbia, for example, but I can still see the pages on my computer in Kent.


I have never understood how '1 month' can begin in 2016 and end in 2021.

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I can understand that certain national markets need a distributor, but why does the world need one?


For the same reason you don't buy a camera from China. Although you will use it all over the world.


In this case it's probably just the language barrier.

When Brexit is complete, we will see many more distributor sales because clients don't want to be bothered by taxes.


I had only one image with those details yesterday and I have just checked it.

Yesterday's sale is not immediately clear:


These are the uses Google comes up with:

Itavisen.no (Full credit and billed in 2014.)


2 infringements unreported uses by the Telegraph from 2013;

2 by iPhoneinformer (2016);

Gamingtoday.ga - a malware site according to Mozilla and F-secure;

Dagens Nyheter (2015) usually honest - this report could be them if they're on a 13 month reporting scheme. They are from Denmark,  the most non-corrupt nation on the planet;

Sixfigure-jobs.com (2015);

Amazing Contractors Services. (Could be legit, however they do use the crop most other infringers are using.)

Findance.com (2016) This is my most likely candidate for yesterday's report because they're from Finland. The second most non-corrupt nation on the planet;

B1 from Romania (2013). Romania is 58 on that list, together with Greece, just above Italy.

Expresstv from India who now have their own watermark on my image (2016). India is #76 with some other nice holiday destinations on that list.

Yesky.com from China who now also have their own watermark on my image (2016). China comes just under India on the transparency scale.


Does it make sense to go after them? Does it make sense to send this to the infringement department of Alamy?

Only if the sanctions are heavy enough.



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I had a "peanuts" distributor sale from Slovenia show up today, same terms as Betty's minus the confusing bit about one month duration. I suppose the "one month" means that the image can be used for a one month period at any time during the five years (2016-2012). But does that really make sense on the Web? Electronic publishers usually archive articles and images on their websites. No?

Or perhaps it means one month "live" on their website and then five years archival rights (?).

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