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August 2016 Challenge - Digital Manipulation - Time to vote



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  1. 1. Digital Manipulation

    • AGNMC6 - Kumar - Superinformation Highways
    • GA6JJO - GS-Images - Wet British Weather
    • EDA38T - Artera - Lightning bolts striking over oil refinery
    • GAHB1P - John Wallace - Coliseum
    • GJ3HN9 - gvallee - Burning Thirst
    • EEPFWH - Marianne - Bamboo
    • D4BWTB - Colin Woods - Kite Skating
    • C5RREY - Callie - Abandoned Hospital

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Thank to all who took part, it was great to see how creative you all are and superb end results! I know how long it took me to work on some of mine so hats off to everyone as it is so time consuming.


Oh, I hate this bit. Choosing between them all is so hard - a nightmare for me!!


Voting closes September 5th midnight London time, the lucky winner picks the next topic, good luck all. Here are the finalists:


Sorry all I was so intent on getting the poll up and running, having never done one before - I forgot to add the images below!


Kumar  indiaforte 


GS-Images  Geoff Smith 




John Wallace


gvallee   Genevieve Vallee


Marianne campypix


Colin Woods   CBW


Callie   Julie g Woodhouse


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I know it can be tedious to do it, Lynne, but I'd appreciate seeing the chosen photos in this post. I'm not keen on looking through everything to find them. Sorry to ask you for more work. By the way Geoff, as a primitive American, I used to vote for myself. I was chided for it and now do the "proper" thing and vote for someone else.



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Thank Geoff and Paulette for pointing out my omission!! 


I've now added the visual of the images so hopefully that means there's no need to look up the images by number as I don't seem to be able to alter the wording on the poll part itself. Apologies Geoff - it's my eyesight - having 20:20 vision my whole life, I'm desperately trying not to give in to my failing eyes and to wearing my +1 pound shop specs!! But looks like I've just failed the test and should go and look them out now!


This is not my call, but as to the voting, personally I always vote even if I'm in the final 8 but never for myself.



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Many thanks for adding my image to the shortlist Lynne, honoured to be amongst a fantastic choice there :)


About voting for yourself, no I would never do it either - as Allan said above, its not the British way!!

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It's a close thing at the moment, Kumar and gvallee are tying with 9 votes each and some quite close behind.


Just a reminder that the poll closes tomorrow - 5th September at midnight, London time, if you've not already voted.



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Congratulations to Kumar for receiving most votes. Over to you to set September's Challenge.



Thanks Lynne for this opportunity. My pleasure ! Cheers to all the participants & finalists.

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Congrats Kumar!

You must have spent ages doing it. Your efforts have been rewarded!

Thanks gvallee ! Yup, it was one of my early days' images ... when I used to play around a lot with my rather limited portfolio, and PhotoShop work was indeed so exciting ! Cheers.

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