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Anyone used Fixation for Canon repair?

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My Canon 70 - 200 F4 lens fell out of my unzipped bag and bounced off the road a couple of days ago.


I`m in the Canary Islands so will have to send it away.


Anyone used Fixation in the UK for Canon lens repair?






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Remember Xmas is rapidly approaching......get that lens in quick or there may be delays .


I use them a lot for my Nikon repairs. Highly recommended





after looking at the prices of new copies of that lens , and decent second hand ones, you're probably better off just junking it and buying another

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I've used them as well for Nikon repair. I've also used them for sensor cleaning - excellent service. I had to wait a few weeks for repair as the parts were not available in the UK at the time but I received the camera back as good as new for slightly less than the quoted price and a week earlier than they originally estimated. They prioritise professional clients judged by the equipment itself if you don't tell them that you are professional.


As RedSnapper says, you may be better to replace rather than repair, depending on what is wrong with the lens.

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Thanks, Keith and Michael.


After giving it some thought, and looking at the lens again (zoom clunky and grindy after being locked solid after accident... ), may opt

for new lens

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Another vote for Fixation.


Have just been looking on their website. As of October 2015 they've been acquired by Wex (who also have an excellent reputation):




Happy days if they open a branch of Fixation at WEX (my local camera shop :) )


EDIT - was in WEX today spending some pennies and no change with Fixation/WEX (other than a coffee machine promised for WEX showroom....I asked about hot chocolate but strictly coffee...... :(  )

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