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Daily Mail 21st


Postcards from border country...


D6NAT2 - CBP Photo

DAGGC0 - Francis Vachon

C7HA66 - Oleskiy Maksymenko Photography

EHA2H1 - EleanaMirage

D4NKNF - David Robertson

D5EABJ - FMD Stock Photography

C4GFA5 - Robert Preston Photography

DDXCB4 - Utterstrom Photography

DW89RY - Maciej Bledowski

and one of Victoria Falls



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21/07/2015, UK, Guardian, p35, Selwyn College, BDD636, Alistair Laming [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
21/07/2015, UK, Guardian G2, p16, Fontana Boathouse in Buffalo NY, BRKAAP, Philip Scalia [Alamy credit only]

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20/07/2015, UK, London Evening Standard, p48, Just for Laughs festival in Montreal, E2A30W, Hemis [Alamy credit only]
20/07/2015, UK, London Evening Standard, p48, Wilensky's Jewish restaurant in Montreal, E2AB1F, Hemis [Alamy credit only]
20/07/2015, UK, London Evening Standard, p51, pilgrims on way to Santiago de Compostela, ETARTA, dpa picture alliance [Alamy credit only]
20/07/2015, UK, London Evening Standard, p55, doctor & nurses with patient on trolley, CWJK6M, OJO Images Ltd [Alamy credit only]

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Daily Mail 22nd


The places you wont be visiting this summer unless you're a yuccie


EPBRTD - Ian Furniss

DHK4TJ - Westend61 Gmbh

EG3YT4 - Frank Chmura

ECDWTK - Ivan Batinic

B2NNYY - Gregory Wrona

E6DP96 - Danita Delimont

D5409A - David Kleyn

C6YG8Y - Bildagentur Hamburg

D1NK0G - Philip Scalia

E2H43T - Hemis


Glasgow airport prankster arrested


D96989 - Douglas Carr

EN481E - Errol Rait


Jet2 airline bans trio


D23MCP - Charles Polidano / Touch the Skies

AA29NM - Mint Photography

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22/07/2015, UK, London Evening Standard [Property section], p12, Gordon Square, EJCDG9, Zoonar GmbH [Alamy credit only]
22/07/2015, UK, London Evening Standard, p43, Cricketer's Arms pub, AMA8TC, Neil McAllister [No credit - poss not via Alamy]

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Mail Online 22nd


E7YMWR  Marc-André Le Tourneux  North Bridge is a road bridge and street in Edinburgh linking the High Street with Princes Street, and the New Town with the Old

AP77W0  StockImages The Scotsman building, Edinburgh SCOTLAND

AM2G10  Kevin Britland  Truro crown court cornwall england

CPF32D Alex Segre The Old Bailey, London, England, UK

AM013M Thomas Frey  Ryanair Boing 737

A42G10 Nick Hanna  Duty free alcohol spirits booze on sale air side Gatwick airport London UK BAA British Airports Authority London UK

DE3MGJ  XYZ PICTURES  Ryanair plane interior with air steward

AR1YDC  david pearson  Baggage and suitcases on a Ryan Air trolley at an airport
BNT79C pixelbully Multiple For Sale Signs on view outside a property in London, United Kingdom
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Times 23rd

P17 EY539E Arundel, West Sussex, UK. 22nd July 2015. UK Weather: With the early morning light shining on Arundel castle and the light mist rising from the river Arun it is a perfect start to school holidays in Arundel West Sussex. © Photovision Images News/Alamy Live News



P40 EN5DDJ Mari Legs on a colourful beach towel on a sandy beach with view of the sea


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More to be found in The Guardian for sure, but here is my finds of the day:



ETW6YM Andreas Pacek  (or Westend61 GmbH)


credited to Photodisc/Alamy (not found)


BDX0RM Pictorial Press Ltd


AD09N8 Andrew Fox




E8CK0B Erik Tham


AF9M9R Westend61 GmbH


BHKNG9 Paul Bock


A90XM8 Darren Marshall


BN6PCX Robert Augustynowicz


E5Y020 Martin Thomas Photography

E52R5D geogphotos


APHX7J Stephen Dorey - Gloucestershire



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23/07/2015, UK, Guardian, p8, artificially coloured MRI scan Of human brain, B8PB5Y, Daisy-Daisy [Alamy credit only]
23/07/2015, UK, Guardian G2, p15, hand & scalpel, AKMCTK, AW [Alamy credit only]

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Aug 2015 Issue, UK, Which?, p7, London bus, CPA4MJ, John McKenna [Alamy credit only]
Aug 2015 Issue, UK, Which?, p7, children collecting school dinner, EF9CE8, roger askew [Alamy credit only]
Aug 2015 Issue, UK, Which?, p48, Black Friday sale sign, DJNARK, amer ghazzal [Alamy credit only]
Aug 2015 Issue, UK, Which?, p68, woman listening to music on tablet, DXDHX2, Tetra Images [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]

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Daily Telegraph online


Europe's most overcrowded beaches and their unspoilt alternatives


BKYDN7 - LOOK die Bildagentur der Fotografen Gmbh

CFJKP8 - Robert Harding World Imagery


AHPK1M - 1Apix

D4P23X - Stefano Politi Markovina


England's most beautiful cricket grounds 17th July


BXBAX9 - Adrian Sheratt

EWN01A - MH Coast

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Mail Online 23rd


CR745A INTERFOTO  Habsburg, Otto von. 20.11.1912 - 4.7.2011, Austrian - German politician (CSU), holiday at Benidorm, Spain, September 1964,

CR0162  eye35  sheffield crown court south yorkshire england uk gb eu europe

A0EP7F DBURKE The Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand in London UK

B744W1 Golden Pixels LLC Children riding a roller coaster in an amusement park

BDBJBH Greg Balfour Evans Terminal Departure level, London Stansted Airport, Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, England, United Kingdom

A4JA77 Andrew Fox  Pupils at King Edward V1 School Handsworth start their GCSE examination in Biology

B7FR9A Jerónimo Alba   Castillo de Trigueros del Valle Valladolid Castilla Leon España Castle Trigueros del Valle Valladolid Castilla Leon Spain

ERD94B   TRISTAR PHOTOS british airways one world 747

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