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Omslag: Lars Berge följer cannabins spår i Sverige, och frågar sig vad som fick Erik Olofsson att anlägga den största marijuanaodling som påträffats i Sverige.

Foto: Jason Langley/Alamy

Svenska Dagbladet  |  19 Jul 2015  |  Sweden  |  Swedish  | Page: 36

Thank you, Lisa for the spot.



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Just catching up with some editions of The Times from last week. 
Tuesday July 7th 2015
EX3JTC Kyle Eastmond, Calum Clark & Ben Morgan during the official England Rugby World Cup 2015 shirt launch Elsie Kibue, Alamy Live News. Credited Alamy only. A welcome, if rare, appearance of Alamy in the Times sports pages
Wednesday July 8th 2015.

 Seeing this now. Thanks for sharing my image as one picked by the Times. I was actually pleased by this publication. 

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