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I'm not sure if I need any MR or PR for images with graves. There are visible names and it belongs to known persons. Example: E0K4X6 (under indexation today).


Any ideas appreciated :)

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Interesting question.


My guess would be model release not needed as no people present; Property release is a more difficult one - I dont know the answer but what I do myself, if a name/names is legible,  is decide whether the person died more than 70 years ago; if so I am happy to say no property release need. If more recent than that, I would probably mark it property release needed.  70 years after death seems to be the time at which copyright expires for other things, and also if the grave is more recent you might have problems from relatives if you mark it "No PR needed" and the image is then used for commercial purposes. 



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I tend to just mark everything as property release needed on the basis that almost every shot I take is likely to have something in it that belongs to someone.



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Sorry, I'm a bit late to this topic.


Near me is a thoroughly vandalised church graveyard, with dates on the grave headstones going back to the 1800's. Yet, I mark them as RM because some of the burial grounds I take pictures of, are usually attached to a church. Which is owned and administered by a Christian or Catholic body.(Unintentional pun,apologies). The taking of some of these images means I have to stand on church property to get them. I wouldn't like to be responsible for the banning of photography in such hallowed places because of upsetting the church authorities if an image was inappropriately used. Long stretch of the ego, I know but these days...?


Krisken-AKA 'Wuss'

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The regulating body may be prepared to give you a permit to take photos - this is the case for Highgate cemetery. The attached T&C's will then define what they consider is acceptable. Many cemetery web sites give information on this point.




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