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  1. Hi, I am new in Alamy. I am a fashion photographer for more than 20 years. I don’t have a model release from any of my models. And it is hard to find the model specially after years. Can I use these photos? If yes which way can I upload them. thank you Constantino
  2. Hello, Maybe this has been asked before but I'm researching now for hours and can't find an answer, so hopefully someone can point me to a good article or describe it with some rules to follow. The basics are clear but I still struggle for some pictures where it is not "exactly" clear if a property or model release is needed to sell it for commercial (maybe also for editorial). Here a few examples: a) Picture of a street, no person is really dominant in the picture but it is possible to identify the person (let's say you see more then 50% of the face) b) same situation
  3. Q1. When shooting 'editorial' in a public space with only a limited number of people, is there a financial advantage in getting a model release for each individual, if it is practical to do so? Q2. Is there a consensus of opinion re including facial features in editorial as opposed to not including them. i.e. do back of head/ rear end shots fare better in terms of sales than those with identifying photos? Thx 🙂
  4. If you post a photo of someone's pet cat, are you supposed to have a model release for it? It's not a person but would it be considered recognisable property?
  5. I have some people I've been shooting for years and never gotten them to sign a release. they have agreed to allow me to sell these images as stock. Can I get them to sign one release that covers all shoots for a given person? Or can I put on one release several shoot dates? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I'm having trouble finding the place to upload model releases. In my dashboard under "Releases" on the top menu there are only previously uploaded releases showing in the window that pops up when I click it and no option to add a release. If I click on the image to edit it, the only option in the boxes to the right of the image is "assign existing release" but again, no option to add a new release... there doesn't seem to be any place to load new release.. anyone else having trouble? David
  7. Hi! I have a problem uploading the model release. I no find the button where I can add a new release. I attached image. Screenshot Thank you!
  8. Hi - did a quick search on the forums for this, but nothing should up recently so here goes. Do you have any recommendations on an IOS app for model releases, also any comments on their suitability vs a piece of paper. I've googled and found a few, but just wondered what the "panel" thought ? regards SImon
  9. Anyone else having trouble assigning model release in AIM? Normally the list drops down. Has this changed? "Assign existing release" is greyed out and Releases with arrow does not show the list. Thanks, Kathy
  10. Hello! I'm starting in the photography business and I need some guidance when it comes to model and property releases. Do I need a property release every time I photograph a building, a monument or another public or private institution, if I want to sell that photograph? Is it necessary to talk to the owner, the manager or the administrator to sign the property release? And what if there are many recognizable people in the picture, Do I need a model release for each person in the picture?
  11. I have some old medium format images taken 30 years ago as a student that I think still have merit. Random street folk and other people who will probably died as they were old then. Some groups of kids on the streets etc. I have no way of tracking them down so can I submit here as editorial having no model release ? Thanks.
  12. I am new. I added some new images of a couple walking. I have and uploaded model releases. Shots are unposed and the subjects talked to a lady on the trail. I did not show released on these because I did not have releases for the lady. Some had extra people in the background. I did not show any release on these because there are not releases for all the people in the background. So at this point, I have some images with and some without releases. Some for all usage and some for editorial only. Now Property. I have no property release. They were shot in a park with only visible are trees
  13. Hello, I am new here and trying to figure out how the release form works. The release is for my own children. In this case i just fill in the form as Guardian and sign for them, right? - Do I need to complete a release form each time for each shot separately or i can have one form attached to all shots? - If possible to use same form for multiple shots - what date do i put in the release form - would it be a date range for example 1 jan 2012 - 1 jan 2018 or smith like that? - Is there an editable word format for the release form, i could only find a pdf one thanks a mil Elen
  14. Hi there, I am new here and was looking around what the other photographers are uploading. I am wondering, if all the street photos with people have a model release? I have some photos, which I never uploaded somewhere, because I shot people, which are knowing, that I am taking a picture, but I have not asked them for a model release . How are you doing this here? Regards, Johannes
  15. Hello there! Let me apologize in advance in case my question has been asked and answered before. I've searched the forums and elsewhere but did not find the answer. On Alamy model release form the have a placeholder for a monetary value. The presence of the field confuses me. What does this mean? If the sales of the picture reach the stated amount of money, I need a new release from the model if I want to continue to sell? What is a typical amount? What should I put in there? Many thanks for your insights.
  16. Hi Guys, About to do some model release photos in studio and got thinking how pedantic we are supposed to get with the model and property releases? What really got me thinking was I have no problem getting the model release but what about the clothes she may be wearing? Do I need a release from River Island, M&S, Next? Also what about jewellery? Make-up? Surely these all come up as property? Tell me to get back to key wording and stop thinking so much and creating problems that are not there Happy Easter Regards Paul Thompson Edit No it is not an excuse to ask her to
  17. hi all, i've just got 5 zooms of the same series where i flagged that i have a model release but at the time uploading i forgot to attach MR files. i didn't expect Alamy accepted my submissions, in fact they showed a red flag in the Attributes section. otherwise right now all 5 files are accepted and zoomed because a potential buyer used [MR] as search option. should i expect a sell even if i didn't upload a model release? is it enough for a potential buyer to know i have a model release even if i didn't attach it yet? i am aware i should upload a MR file for each location/date even if
  18. I'm a newbie with Alamy and getting my first 4 images ready to upload. Been reading through the various topics here and what a wealth of information. I've learned a lot by just reading through. However, I have a question about RM & RF. I have uploaded some pics in another agency that is RF only. I do understand about model and property releases and editorial use. I work in China and my work takes me to very rural areas around China with great people and fantastic landscapes. Most of the people in my photos are from villages far from cities. Most don't even have televisions or access to cur
  19. Hello all, I have an image that requires a model release and I thought somewhere I had seen model releases available from Alamy to attach to image during keywording/captoining process. Can somebody tell me how to proceed? Thanks.
  20. I've been wondering about the whole model release thing since I joined Alamy a few months ago. I've a model release app on my iPhone that I use, as it's really handy and easy enough to figure out. My question is, how do I transfer that model release to Alamy? Do I have to 'attach' it to the specific image it relates to? How do I attach it to the specific image it relates to? There is a model release template on Alamy but it seems to be a printable thing. If I print it, how do I upload it to Alamy? There's a space for a picture of the model - how do I attach a picture to it, surely I don't
  21. Hi, I am confused on model release in some condition, if somebody's back side is in the picture or person is not recognized by face. So still we need a Model Release. Need Help. Thanks
  22. I have contributed here only a little, then had some health issues that kept me away for some time but I am slowly coming back. My question is about valid releases. Will Alamy accept other releases besides the ones on the resources page? Further, I had a very good friend (just passed away) named Rich Halperin who was an attorney, NANPA Board Member and Past President (as am I except for the attorney part). He contributed greatly to the photographer's rights issues and was emphatic that model/property releases DO NOT require an exchange of "valuable consideration" - they ARE NOT contract
  23. Just wondering how someone can have an image with people in it and no releases, yet have a Royalty Free license. I thought it automatically gets set to RM if you indicate you don't have a release. Yet I've just run across some that are RF with people and no releases.
  24. Hello, I am new to Alamy and new as a contributor. I am uploading photos but I am totally confused with model and property releases. I would really appreciate any help! People: example 1: Photos of body parts like feet, eyes, hands... I understand I need a model release. Is this correct? But why? How would anyone recognise who this body part belongs to? example 2: If it's me in the photo or my child, I guess I just do my own model release and it's adequate? Logos or recognisable brands: example 1: if there is a photo of Louboutin shoes with the red sole and a faint Louboutin logo showing
  25. Although I have been a contributor since 2006, I have onty recently started submitting in earnest. As a matter of principle (or perhaps lazyness) I do not obtain model or property releases. Here are some questions:- I set up my default, some months ago, as RM. I cannot find out in 'My Alamy' where I did that. I am probably being stupid, but any advice about where I set up that default would be welcome. Having set up RM as my default, at the same time I also set up my default as 'Editorial Use Only'. Like question 1 above, I cannot find where I set that up, and in particular I wish to c
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