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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, Maybe this has been asked before but I'm researching now for hours and can't find an answer, so hopefully someone can point me to a good article or describe it with some rules to follow. The basics are clear but I still struggle for some pictures where it is not "exactly" clear if a property or model release is needed to sell it for commercial (maybe also for editorial). Here a few examples: a) Picture of a street, no person is really dominant in the picture but it is possible to identify the person (let's say you see more then 50% of the face) b) same situation as a) in the backround there is a car which could be identified as an BMW, Mercedes, etc. would I need a property release (I understand that property can also be a logo, brand/trademark, etc) c) Picture of a building (temple, church, tower, castle,...) from the streedt can be always used for editorial and for commercial if it is not protected by some other rules, correct? d) If I leave the street and enter a ground which is still open to the public (say there is no gate no entry fee, etc) can I still sell for editorial and commercial? e) If I enter a location where there is a gate/entry fee (park, castle, ...) can I sell for editorial without a propery release? f) Reading Alamy resources I got the following impression: I can offer a picture as editorial & commercial and if I state that I do NOT have a model/property release the customer can decide if he takes the picture or not (since there are different rules in different countries), so decision and risk are at the customer side, is this true? I hope someone can give some guidance with a few simple rules to follow. Thx, Andreas.
  2. I spent many hours taking some amazing photos of the new hospital buildings, then realized that they may not be usable. There are extensive car parks surrounding the buildings night and day. So, the buildings can not be photographed without including scores of motor vehicles, unless I photograph only the tops of the buildings. Am I right in thinking that this situation prevents me submitting photographs of the new buildings, or is it like crowd scenes where a release is not needed because the subject of the photograph is not the people? I've spent hours on Lightroom cleaning up the edges of the photos, and had started blurring the visible number plates on the cars, when I started to wonder if that would be enough. Ian McAllister
  3. I am just looking to double check that except for rare specific buildings no property release is needed for landscape type pictures of houses/towns/villages. I have taken a few pictures from high places looking out over towns - you have churches houses roofs streets etc. There are also visible but tiny cars, posters etc.
  4. Hello camera ppl, Recently I shot landscape photo and not sure what settings to use on 'Image Manager'? After a search on Alamy for London (&other street photography) I found many Images marked as 'No Properties' on their images, and this made me confused. English is my 5th language and when it comes to using/understanding technical words I can get easily lost Recently I photographed coastal landscape with a church and lighthouse within my image (no ppl). How do I know if I need property release for such buildings and what adjustments best to use in 'Image Manager' - 'Optional tab'?
  5. Hi everyone, I have a quick question regarding property releases. For example, if I am taking photos of my own property such as phones, old cameras etc, anything I have bought, do I need a property release for them. The guidelines on Alamy are vague in this regard. My query is mainly that although it is my property it is actually a product that some company has made so would a personal property release be sufficient. Many thanks, James
  6. I am new. I added some new images of a couple walking. I have and uploaded model releases. Shots are unposed and the subjects talked to a lady on the trail. I did not show released on these because I did not have releases for the lady. Some had extra people in the background. I did not show any release on these because there are not releases for all the people in the background. So at this point, I have some images with and some without releases. Some for all usage and some for editorial only. Now Property. I have no property release. They were shot in a park with only visible are trees, grass and asphalt trail. I said no to property. Is that correct? Have a look, search for Gary Culley and you'll see. The most distinguishing element is a sign post in some images, should I remove those. I name the park in the captions, should I not do that? BTW I'm in the US, Memphis. Should I only offer as editorial? The things that you have learned from experience is very much appreciated in guiding me. Is the thought process correct or do I need to adjust it?
  7. Hey All, I was trying to find a topic on this but I was unsuccessful. I am thinking about going to Palm Springs and shoot at an Airbnb or hotel. My concern is property release. I know sometimes they allow people to shoot at places and I certainly want to ask them about it. But I am not sure how to approach with a release in my hand. They might try to get more money out of us or have unrealistic demands seeing the release saying 'for any purpose' etc. So question is, any of you ever did that or thought you should do it but you didn't. Any thoughts on the topic? I certainly don't want to do it without a release, but if I do, can I still sell them as RM commercial and hope they just would not bother? (I know it is not the coolest approach, but thought I ask) Pardon me if I wasn't correct in something here, new here. Thanks Gaby
  8. I've read about property releases in the forum and the Alamy contributor pages, but still a bit confused about this. I've seen photos like this skyline that are listed as RF, but I assume property releases were not obtained for all buildings pictured. I have many photos with buildings in them, but no property releases. Can I upload them and mark them as not containing property that needs to be released for commercial use, and select RF?
  9. Hi Guys, About to do some model release photos in studio and got thinking how pedantic we are supposed to get with the model and property releases? What really got me thinking was I have no problem getting the model release but what about the clothes she may be wearing? Do I need a release from River Island, M&S, Next? Also what about jewellery? Make-up? Surely these all come up as property? Tell me to get back to key wording and stop thinking so much and creating problems that are not there Happy Easter Regards Paul Thompson Edit No it is not an excuse to ask her to remove all of the above, lol
  10. There seems to be mixed views on this, so I'm wondering if there's a definite Alamy rule. I have a lot of photos of dogs from a local dog park. Do I need a release for a non-editorial use? Are dogs "property"? Thanks, Caryn
  11. Hi, How far do you go with property releases? Say I get a model in and she signs the release, what about the clothes she is wearing, do I need to got to Primark for the t-shirt and jeans? Thaks
  12. I have contributed here only a little, then had some health issues that kept me away for some time but I am slowly coming back. My question is about valid releases. Will Alamy accept other releases besides the ones on the resources page? Further, I had a very good friend (just passed away) named Rich Halperin who was an attorney, NANPA Board Member and Past President (as am I except for the attorney part). He contributed greatly to the photographer's rights issues and was emphatic that model/property releases DO NOT require an exchange of "valuable consideration" - they ARE NOT contracts, they are releases. So my question is, will Alamy accept my custom written release that does not include an exchange of "valuable consideration". Some background if interested. I rarely do planned photo shoots with professional models. I am a nature/landscape photographer and need releases only occasionally when I find someone doing something interesting or a piece of private property that would just make a nice photograph - which includes livestock and other agricultural items, especially horses. So I really don't (can't) give folks money on such a speculative shot. I have in the past occasionally offered a print of the person or property as a thank you but almost never actual cash. Interestingly, I am finishing up a unique (for me anyway) project - I have volunteered my time at a local "Equestrian Assisted Activities and Therapy" center and donated my time to do the photography for a college level text book on the subject. My only "payment" was I retained the copyright on all the images and that model/property releases would be provided. I believe there are some valuable stock images in the batch of over 6,000 images but I want to make sure I have releases that Alamy will except. All help is greatly appreciated, Bill Plunkett Longview Texas
  13. Hello, I am new to Alamy and new as a contributor. I am uploading photos but I am totally confused with model and property releases. I would really appreciate any help! People: example 1: Photos of body parts like feet, eyes, hands... I understand I need a model release. Is this correct? But why? How would anyone recognise who this body part belongs to? example 2: If it's me in the photo or my child, I guess I just do my own model release and it's adequate? Logos or recognisable brands: example 1: if there is a photo of Louboutin shoes with the red sole and a faint Louboutin logo showing, what do I need to do? example 2: A photo of food being prepared. A well known brand mixer is visible. No logos but most people would know that brand of mixer. It's a classic. What do I need to do? Any other info and tips that might help would be so much appreciated. Thanks all in advance. Angelika
  14. Although I have been a contributor since 2006, I have onty recently started submitting in earnest. As a matter of principle (or perhaps lazyness) I do not obtain model or property releases. Here are some questions:- I set up my default, some months ago, as RM. I cannot find out in 'My Alamy' where I did that. I am probably being stupid, but any advice about where I set up that default would be welcome. Having set up RM as my default, at the same time I also set up my default as 'Editorial Use Only'. Like question 1 above, I cannot find where I set that up, and in particular I wish to check I set it up correctly, as I remember it was a complex, with a number of restrictions for different countries and territories. When I upload images, because of the defaults I set up, I assume that they will all be set to default 'RM' and 'Editorial Use Only' and for most of my images, that will be fine. However, I have started reviewing my uploaded images during the 'Manage Images' stage, and changing 'RM' to 'RF', where I think no Model or Property Release is required. In general terms, is that I good idea to maximise my sales? By changing images from 'RM' to 'RF' will that then remove 'Editorial Use Only', as 'Editorial Use Only' cannot be associated with 'RF' images? Many thanks
  15. If I have a photograph of an individual who is wearing Oakley sunglasses, but you can't really tell they are Oakley (I know they are Oakley), can I sell the image without making it for editorial use only (since I clearly don't have a release from Oakley)? I do have a model release from the individual.
  16. Hi Sometimes you kick yourself for not photographing the name plate on the tank. Can someone give me a pointer to the identification of the big fish please (the one on the left without the camera)? I thought it was a giant wrasse but that does not seem to match the images I have found elsewhere on the internet. Also, do you think that this needs a property release (my thought was yes but I'm not sure how identifiable the location is...)? Lastly, is there any way I can link an image before keywording etc.? Thank you!
  17. I'm not sure if I need any MR or PR for images with graves. There are visible names and it belongs to known persons. Example: E0K4X6 (under indexation today). Any ideas appreciated
  18. Hello, I am new to Alamy and photography in general, so it is the first time I am trying to sell my pictures and heard that you need a release for both people and property. It is all cool, however, it gets a little tricky when... you make a picture with tens of building in it. For example, Manhattan skyline as seen from another side of the Hudson river. Does the property release rule still apply in this case? If so, how one is supposed to get a property release for tens or potentially hundreds of buildings? Any help/info is much appreciated! Thanks, Vlad
  19. When in doubt whether an image contains property that needs release, I generally err on the side of caution and check YES. But here's an example of situation I'm not clear about. Does an image such as macro of American Flags reasonably need a property release (for the American Flags) for commercial use Thanks! Ann
  20. This is a great article for a question that comes up quite frequently on the forum.... http://www.pdnonline.com/features/What-Photographers-N-10515.shtml#
  21. Hello all, First time using the forums for me! I had a question regarding the Alamy Property Release. Context: I have a nice shot of a cruise ship in Santorini's caldera with some islands in the background, and at first I was going to submit it for editorial use since the ship has the company's logo on it. However, after doing some research I discovered that other contributors on other stock sites were successful in obtaining releases for cruise ships after taking the photographs, directly from the companies in question, so I thought there's no harm done in attempting to secure a release. There are a few of questions I have about the Alamy Property Release. Is the contract still legally binding if there is no "Consideration" given? (Consideration as defined in the Release: "means something of value I have received in exchange for the rights granted by me in this release.") I have read somewhere that Consideration must be given in the US, but I'm in the UK. If I have to give the company something in exchange, what could it be? Could I give them a high-res copy of the photo in question? Should I grant them RF rights along with it, or is that a bad idea? Should I send the contract already filled out on my end, or blank? (My details including address etc) I would really appreciate any help with this Thanks! Ronna
  22. I'm visiting a friend for several weeks and have taken several photographs of the property. Q1. Does my friend need to sign a release for each photo, each day's photos, or the whole stay? Q2. If a single release covering the whole stay does the photo need to be added to the property release or is this just for models and model releases or maybe iconic buildings and landmarks? I was thinking of using a single release that stated the location and the period of time of visiting. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give. Dave
  23. Hi, I'm pretty new to this and want to make sure I have things right regarding the need for property releases. I have a photo of a lovely birthday cake which was purchased at the grocery store's bakery. As it was designed and created by the bakers in the store, would it require a property release to be an RF image? And in general, for photos of any prepared foods and beverages - purchased either in stores or in restaurants - do they need property releases? Thanks for your help.
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