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  1. I have a lot of images taken with a D90. Only problems I've ever had with QC have all been my own fault. My first submissions were from a D40 and there's a few on here, as well. Krisken
  2. I only use a camera bag for transporting in vehicle. When wandering around, usually have camera slung from left shoulder, either under coat or gilet depending on weather. Out of view until needed and I've used the same technique for Nikon D40, D90, D500 and a Fuji FInepix 9600. Got down to one lens - 18-300 for the focal lengths I may cover. Got a 50mm 2.8 which I sometimes carry in a pocket. Krisken
  3. Am using Firefox. Just cleared my cache and now the site is working as normal, if that helps. Three dots/bars on right of page, click on 'library-history,' delete all, or untick rest of options you wish to keep.
  4. I do miss Live News access. Recently dropped into two events, Triathlon and Kite Flying, where the images could have been immediately uploaded. Instead the images of the cycling part of the event were uploaded afterwards, and the kite flyers are still waiting to be processed and uploaded. Krisken
  5. As a newbie joining a professional photography library, I was as nervous as a long tailed cat in roomful of rocking chairs when first submitting my images. (Still am). Never having been involved in the photography industry in any way, shape or form, in previous careers I made sure I didn't make an ass of myself or leave myself open to being flayed by those whose hard learned skills and expertise greatly surpassed mine. Every image gets a good, hard evaluation, before submission and as Betty says, emotional attachment to an image can damage you professionally. (The Blinking Eye) 'T
  6. Strange landmark to celebrate, I know. With health problems and a serious injury in the past, my upload rate petered out, and I was only taking a fraction of the shots I used to take. From carrying a camera on me at all times, even if it was only to the shops, there were long periods of time it stayed at home. Only recently started taking new images instead of trawling through previous ones taken with a variety of cameras, and I'm, hopefully, starting to get my photographic eye back in. Whoop! 1500!! Oh, hello nurse didn't see you there with that big needle... Happy sna
  7. Thanks for replying, Doc. You're right and I panicked like a five year old when I realised I had missed a step in usual workflow routine. Mind, I'm at the coast for a week and found that they were having their annual Triathalon event the day after I arrived. Great shots of the cycling part of the event and that's when I found the withdrawal of the 'Live News Feed' facility a drawback. Still, the submission passed rapidly and I was able to upload some more after they did so. Take care, Krisken
  8. Big Thanks to Alamy for sorting out my ginormous clanger. Basics for the peanut gallery, new camera, 46 images uploaded, uncompressed 60 megabytes each. Instead of rejection and hit on upload rating, all of them passed. Warmly appreciated Alamy guys 'n gals. Krisken.
  9. Upgraded my camera last weekend, also added a new lens and a Nikon flash, supplied by Cotswold Cameras. Communication with the company was brilliant, regarding tracking, and an extra two year warranty upgrade on top of the firm's own three year one. All the items were Nikon gold boxed and I'm delighted with them. Grey imports? Yes, I believe so and I'm not concerned about it. The price for the camera, lens and flashgun were just above what the camera alone costs by itself. I'm not a professional shooter and this new kit allows me to supply hi quality images to Alamy without sendin
  10. One dropped in last night. Pint of beer just. Not complaining, just grateful that a five month drought is over. Alamy measures chart flatlined and not even a defibrillator would have helped, I thought. Who to blame? Me. I seriously need to retag most of my images in a different way, not just the recent uploads. One sale per thousand images? (Oh Lawd, I'd sell your grandmother and her little dog to reach those dizzying heights of success.) Krisken
  11. I think I have some D40 pics on here. When the mp level was way high. As others have already said, a camera like a Nikon, ( or whatever make you decide on) , with an APS-C sensor, and the now 17mb upload requirement, should see a little click happy bunny. One who's going to hog your computer for processing, editing and uploading. Krisken
  12. Cheers Harry. Look very useful, especially the Raw editor. Krisken .
  13. I think that somewhere along the line I earned a short stay in the greybar hotel. I much prefer this new method of one of the staff popping round and giving you a kidney punch, instead. Once the liquid turns back from red to yellow, usually 2 to 3 days, one is all set again. Krisken
  14. Bit confused by the hoop jumping you are mentioning. I know what is being referred to, as I have done it myself, mainly, when forgetting to tick the 'automatic log'-in box on the sign in page. Do those of you having to sign in not have this option on your systems? I'm using Firefox on a Windows OS. Ah, brain cell just sputtered, Firefox. has a, 'save password for this site?', option I'm using, which prefills the required fields and lets me in on tapping the sign-in button. Krisken
  15. Just bought 4 pk Duracell 2400's. They come pre-charged and last 5 years according to the description. Amazon supplied for Fuji 9600, working OK. Krisken
  16. Tried a big upload once. Something went horribly wrong at recieving end and was left uncertain as to what went where. All passed that I could see a few worry filled days later. But, I think the count was off. Happy though, so I've gone back to smaller batches, mostly due to health problems at the moment and am just trying to get a toehold on the field, again.
  17. Sometimes, I'll do both, depending on subject. Not sold many, but there have been portrait sales mixed with the landscape ones. Krisken
  18. Usually if you upload through the 'normal' Alamy uploader, they appear immediately in 'Track Submissions'. If uploaded via FTP it can take 10+minutes to appear. Krisken
  19. Have to agree with Mark about file sizes. They do seem to be large for a compressed JPG. (Not a Canon user, so have no idea what size the uncompressed size, RAW or JPG, the camera produces). If it is not a technical problem with the camera itself, are you upsizing the images submitted? Krisken
  20. Just be aware that one failure in a batch and the rest of batches waiting QC will also be failed. Krisken
  21. If you have a green dot showing in the 'Description', first column, and one in the attributes, third column, then as Losdemas said, the images will be transferred to, 'on sale' within 24 hours. Krisken
  22. Richard, I've done two ftp uploads and one by the old method. Can't really say I've noticed a difference in speed. Unlike the old method, FTP does not show your uploads as being recieved instantly, as the old method did. Estimates from others are between 10-15 minutes before they show up as, 'awaiting QC'. Same as Mark said continuing to use it, though. Krisken
  23. For a NIkon user ViewNX2 has a handy location map thingy to pin an area where a photograph was taken. I get confused sometimes when going through images taken a while ago, so it makes a handy reference where I was. Even if you just use it to mark one photo in a batch, it gives you a starting point. Krisken
  24. First goal was 1000 images. Achieved. Then it was to submit what I thought were good images on a regular basis. Life intervened and personal injury and health issues have slowed the process somewhat. Have started again and going slow and steady. Agree wholeheartedly with other responders about selective uploading of images. Krisken
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