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Alamy POTM May: The Weather


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7 hours ago, Steve Hyde said:


Plus another 12!! Yoo hoo!! Thank you Steve! Nice way to wake up and start the day. And now onto my coffee and croissants.

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Nice to see some of mine in in there as I almost missed the deadline. A useful exercise, especially since when looking for some to upload I was able to spot that I'd captioned all my Coronation images for 'King Chatles III'. 

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22 minutes ago, Ed Rooney said:


Steve, do you see any of my weather pics? I'm on Twitter but I can't see that collection. (Lots of tripping over tech this week.)


Morning Ed. I think this is the final lightbox:



And success for you yes, people in the boat in the rain, and your umbrella image.

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I was looking at those gorgeous lake photos from February's and thinking I should see if any of mine when I actually uploaded made the cut - nothing from the first one I checked but 6 of mine made the cut in this weather lightbox and one actually sold a couple months later (though for pennies - next time it could be more). Belated congrats to everyone else whose images were shared!


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