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Contributors and Buyers

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I just noticed the following on many of alamy's page headers -


"Be part of our community of over 60,000 contributors and 110,000 buyers"


Not sure what to make of the numbers. That's a ratio of slightly less than 2 buyers for each contributor.

My gut feeling is I would have guessed or hoped that the ratio of buyers:contributors would be greater than approx 2 buyers for each contributor.


I suppose its a just an example of the global stock  image oversupply.


Maybe the ratio is what it is and comparable to other agencies.

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14 hours ago, John Mitchell said:

I imagine that number means regular customers. Hopefully the number of "walk-ins" is much higher.


Not sure about that. If you were Alamy, would you choose to publicise the lower of the two numbers?



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Of those 60,000 contributors, how many have over 500 images properly keyworded and captioned?  So many upload expecting the results of micros, then quit.  Regular contributors would probably be a much smaller number.



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More than a couple of online posters have said that they put up photos on Alamy, but never very many, and in one case, forgot about them until a few years later when they had a sale.   One person I knew who had an account here a few years ago doesn't have one now (search by contributor).   Another is still here with around 350 images.   He specializes in the US west and NYC, college trained photographer who became a computer systems admin and programmer for a living.  Good photos, just not many of them.   Didn't check to see the last time he uploaded (he was the person who recommended Alamy to me).

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8 hours ago, Jill Morgan said:

 Regular contributors would probably be a much smaller number.

Likely true.


However, would this also not apply to buyers?  Many likely open an account and maybe purchase a license or two for a one-off project and never return.

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