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I currently use a very old Canon IP4200 printer for photo printing sizes from 6x4 up to A4 and have been delighted with the quality of the results using Canon's Yellow, Cyan, Magenta and Photo Black Chroma Life inks and Canon Photo Glossy paper. I particularly like  the photo black ink which provides a great contrast range. But unfortunately this printer is no longer supported by MacOS. My current workaround is to drive it via a Windows 7 Virtual Machine hosted on my Mac using Parallels. But if I upgrade to Ventura I'll need to buy new Parallels licences (£100) and, if I ever swap to Apple Silicon machine, these solutions won't work at all. I've also got a much newer low cost "all in one" HP Envy 4520 which I use for day to day (non-photo) printing. It can print photos but the quality is nowhere near as good as the Canon IP4200.


Ideally I'd like to replace both these printers with a single printer that is compatible with Monterey and Ventura OS and Apple Silicon.

Any suggestions on a A4 photo printer which gives good quality results? Ideally it would be an "all in one" so I can scan on it too and it should have Wi-Fi connectivity. I don't print lots of photos (maybe 10/month), but do print quite a bit of other stuff (web-pages, letters etc.) at lower quality. Ideally it would use no more than 5 inks (Y,C,M,PhotoBlack & Black)



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