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    Wildlife, countryside, rural subjects. Just written 4 volume e-Book covering the highs and lows ,lessons learned, pitfalls flagged up and every question I have ever been asked when doing talks answered. 50 years experience before the viewfinder! Title A WILDLIFE JOURNEY. Log on to my web site to see.


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  1. Are iPhone images acceptable and can you download them in the usual Alamy way.
  2. Abandoning the compact camera route, I am photographing small copper coins ca 15cm dia and non of the cameras allow me to fill the frame with such a small object so... back to the SLR with extension tubes I guess.
  3. Thanks all. I'll get an RX100 then, problem solved.
  4. Golly, that link tells us nothing. Does anyone know if images taken with the Sony RX100 are still being accepted?
  5. Anyone know where I can find the list of cameras Alamy wont accept images from?
  6. Is it just me or has it gone deadly quiet on the present sales front?
  7. Many of my images are of wildlife and need the Latin names with them. I certainly can't remember all Latin names! As you know, Lightroom gathers the first few letters and kinda guesses what you want. E.g, if I type "LONG" then Lightroom will show "LONG TAILED TIT. Aegithalos caudatus" and there are many far worse than that. Would be really nice if Alamy could do this.
  8. Hi again PhIl. If I were an editor (heaven forbid) I would still go 'ape' at the time wasting unwanted images that come up in Black Grass or was it black grass weed? Got a woman in a black bra, a black dog, a black bird, a black cat and I notice there is a "DOG, AMERICAN COCKER SPANIEL" in there, what's that doing there? Maybe it's me being too picky.
  9. Hi David Just spoke to my editor friend about this and he said the first thing he would type in is black grass and then if nothing came up would tag other words on and weeds would have been among them. Just looked on other pic agencies and all are pretty much like Alamy's so, have to have a re-think on my captioning. Cheers for the head's up anyway. Colin Smale www.fotolincs.com
  10. Wow, I was absolutely not expecting this from Alamy. I typed "BLACK GRASS" into the search engine and came up with the first full page with not ONE SINGLE MENTION OF BLACK GRASS. Hell's bells, no wonder nothing happened to the pix I recently sent in! Unless you are involved in agriculture in any way, black grass will mean nothing to you but check this out http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-23678503 Farmers are having the worst crop problems ever with black grass this year. (Yes, I did also put same images in news section). It is bad enough that no black grass comes up whe
  11. Gotta be that flaked out meercat surely!
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